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  1. I received the I 130 approval letter and it states that now I can apply for adjustment of status. However I already applied concurrently. Any thoughts on this?..
  2. My Parents got an approval of their I130 from NBC. Their AOS is at field office (we know this because they got RFE from FO)

    You may just get interview waived and approval from FO

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    2. dekk123


      Oh so the RFE was to collect more evidences so FO can make a decision without interview?

      I submitted my i130 online one week before i submitted the i485 package. When i submitted my i485 package I had a NOA from my i130 online application, so I just sent a copy of that NOA with my i485 application. 

    3. dekk123


      And how long after your parents received the i130 approval they received the RFE?

    4. DoriOli


      they got the RFE in the mail 4 days after the I130 was approved

  3. To me having only the i130 approved at this stage just seems a bit odd since my application is at the field office already. Unless they still want me to be there for a interview to find something else beyond my marriage status.
  4. Something different that I haven't seen yet happened to me. My I130 was approved. My interview was cancelled and since then it has been ready to be rescheduled. Does anyone know why my i130 has been approved prior to my interview?
  5. Today I received a notification that my i130 was approved. What does it mean?
  6. MSC209049XXXX here and haven't seen much progress either.
  7. What is the range of case number you are looking at?
  8. Thanks for the insight. We have been living together for almost 5 years and one year of marriage. My interview was supposed to be today. I hope we both could move together back soon. With the possible backlog of applications, moving now will just delay more. So sad! I read that showing proof that the spouse is looking for jobs at the new place can help.
  9. I am moving out of state for a job, but my petitioner will remain in the state to maintain his/her job for now. My question is: should I transfer my case to the new state, or should I maintain the case in the address where my petitioner is currently living? Thank you.
  10. I am wondering they extended until June 3rd so they can start sending interview/bio notifications again. Usually they send out these notifications 3-6 weeks ahead. I believe once June 4 comes they are ready to start all over, instead of waiting another month (~july 4) to have these in person appt. I am hoping to start seeing in May a movement here with applicants receiving in person appt notifications by mail for june visits.
  11. That’s what I gathered too. They usually give about 4-6 weeks notice for bio and interviews, so perhaps first interviews wand biometrics appt will be on June 4 if they start sending notifications soon.
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