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  1. What Is the name of the fb group if you don’t mind sharing? I’m b1/b2 as well and would like to see
  2. Anyone know of any of the tourist based aos interviews being waived?
  3. Hold on Jenny. It might be on its way. Offices are still moving forward with ead approvals and such. Blessings!
  4. been watching from the outside since sarge released this exciting info. I’m aos via b1/b2 visa. So far no word on whether anyone who has filed under b1/b2 has been granted the waiver but hopefully someone will. I was unfortunate enough to have my interview scheduled for March 17. With no indications that the interview would not happen ( official statement was made March 18th and the website was saying my office was operating per usual) only to be told by security that the office was not going to be holding any interviews. But hoping to hear someone with my type of aos lucking out on this waiver too!
  5. Hows everyone and their family holding up during these times? Although everything on my end is in standstill I’m still checking the site and I’ve seen some ppl getting their gc approved without interview! I’m hoping it trickles down to b1/B2 visa applicants because they all have different visas Like the K1 visas and other types. But hope everyone stays encouraged and maybe just maybe a few more will get this lucky chance.
  6. My office is in Atlanta. Not sure what other offices are doing; there was nothing on uscis’ site saying the office or any other office for that matter was closed. It said all offices were opened. But when we got there security was turning ppl around so I went up and i was told to we would be rescheduled and call a number they gave us to reschedule. We called the number in the parking lot and they weren’t aware the office was not doing interviews. Told us to wait for either email or mail with further instructions.
  7. Sadly, my interview was cancelled. Turned everyone around
  8. I’ve gotten mines. And my ead card
  9. Can you tell us how your interview went in detail please? If you don’t mind.
  10. I think it was about 2 weeks in between them receiving and resuming work on my case to interview ready for schedule and a day or two to interview scheduled. Ead was approved last week.
  11. Got my ead card today. Was worried because the notification letter was opened when I got it In the mail the other day. Was a bit paranoid someone was looking to see what’s inside to steal it.
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