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  1. Guys! i made this whatsapp group if you want to join to see if anyone gets an update in their interview or if anyone hears anything about them rescheduling interviews for green card https://chat.whatsapp.com/GXnCFQtPrDB5E3T1HFbyhu I hope you guys Join it
  2. Awesome! Now we gotta hope they dont end up closing the offices since everyone is freaking out over the virus 😣😣
  3. Just got my letter in mail today! So it took 4 days for me to arrive, with you it may be 4-5 since tomorrow is sunday and they don’t deliver. my interview date is on April 16th!
  4. Yess definitely has to be on April, and I will let you know when my letter arrives so you estimate how long it takes to arrive
  5. You just got the update today? And not yet, still waiting for my letter I am hoping it should arrive either from today until monday... and I estimate it should be scheduled around middle of April
  6. About form i-864, when we sent documents we didnt send paystubs and job letter so they asked for proof of that and they asked for a co sponsor because of that, he makes enough but we wanted to play on the safe side so we decided to tell my mother in law to be co sponsor so I sent back his paystubs, job letter, another form of i-864 with my in laws information and her W2’s and job letter I also sent back a cover letter because we didnt send information about a bona fide marriage (they didnt ask for it, but i explained in the letter I sent it in case they needed more info from us) I sent proof when he had me on his insurance, 11 pictures of our relationship and a copy of the birth certificate of our daughter (we have been married for 2+ years and we have a baby now) and that was it
  7. Me. Feb 12th they received my response, march 2nd ready to schedule and march 3rd my interview was scheduled
  8. I got my interview scheduled today finally!^^ PD Nov 20th biometrics Dec19th RFE Jan 18th Response to USCIS updated in the system Feb 12th Case is ready to be scheduled March 2nd Interview Scheduled March 3rd I can’t wait for my letter to arrive and find out my date! Field Office: Detroit
  9. May I ask what you sent back to them for the RFE? Did you do a cover letter? Did you send additional information?
  10. I have a question for the people who has got RFE’s, I got one but my letter isn’t here yet, my question is... what do i send back to them? I know I will have to send whatever they ask from me but do i send a cover letter? Do I send back the RFE letter? Can i send any additional information aside from what they ask me? Can someone help me?
  11. Really? Were they off for two weeks?😩 but how come? People were still getting their updates the last days of december... /:
  12. Because he had his biometrics on Nov 19th, you had yours on December 13th didnt you? That’s why, you should be getting an update around a month after your biometrics, you should be getting an update either today (friday) or next week.
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