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  1. I have my biometrics appointment on 8/2, and then after that the wait for the green card interview begins. These past couple of days I've read a few posts on here about the green card interview, and it looks like they can be pretty tough compared to what I had imagined. πŸ‘€ I don't know if I've just read a few special cases or if this is normal, so I wanted to create a post and gather different points of view and experiences. I can add to this that my K1 visa interview back in Sweden lasted pretty much for only a few minutes, so I don't know if maybe I just had assumptions that if everything was okay the green card interview would be similar to that except that my husband would get to be with me the entire time. I know that we have nothing to hide and therefore should be okay, but I also remember vividly how nervous I was before the K1 interview, so... πŸ˜… So tell me how the biometrics appointment and especially the green card interview was like for you, or if you happen to be very knowledgeable about these things feel free to write what it usually looks like and if there's anything that's good to think about beforehand.
  2. So how did it all turn out for you guys? It's been over three months since you wrote this so hopefully you have been approved and everything is all good now? I'm from Sweden, too. We just send in the AOS application last month and I have the biometrics appointment for 8/2.
  3. I have a question about the name change... I wrote my new married name on the AOS application and I've even gotten it legally changed in Sweden after that as well. So basically my legal name in both the US and Sweden is now my married name. I will get a new passport with the new name as soon as I'm able to, but it's taking a while because there's no appointments available right now. Therefore the only thing I have to prove my new name is the marriage certificate, NOA1 and documents from Sweden - but no ID. ...and this is not enough to have my new name on a bank account. My husband is in the process of opening a new account for us to have together, and the bank won't accept my new married name on the account because I don't have any kind of a government ID to prove it with... It can be changed later if I show an ID with the new name together with the marriage certificate. If we use my maiden name for now on the account and change it later when I have some kind of an ID with the name on it to show the bank, will that be okay? Or will it be suspicious to USCIS that I'm not using my married name? But if we don't do it like this we won't have proof of a joint account nor will I have a debit card to use...
  4. We filed on 6/17 and the NOA1 dates are 6/24. This past weekend we got the biometrics appointment for 8/2. ☺️
  5. I got the NOA1's for AOS, EAD and AP today! πŸ˜€ We sent in the applications via UPS on 6/17, they were delivered on 6/21 and the notice date in the NOA1's are 6/24.
  6. We would probably only be gone for about a week, but I'm also thinking abut getting plane tickets and stuff like that, too. Like how far ahead could we "safely" book that and so forth... πŸ‘€
  7. My husband and I are considering traveling to California around October. We want some time off together and he has vacation left, so we started talking about it. We might not go either way and just stay around Chicago instead, but this just got me thinking... How do you best plan a trip when you're in the middle of this process? How far in advance do you usually get the appointment for the interview (especially in Chicago in case it's different depending on where you live!)? And how about biometrics (also specifically for Chicago in case this can be different as well!)? My guess is that biometrics would be way before October (but then again who knows with Covid...) and that the interview will be way after October. But I just want to make sure that they don't send you an appointment and then you have to be there only one or two weeks after and there's a risk of missing the appointment letter in the mail in case you're on vacation. If that's the case it's just not worth the risk. But if you tend to get information about your appointments ahead of time it wouldn't be an issue... ☺️
  8. I got them yesterday afternoon! 😁 All of the receipt numbers start with MSC this time. What does that mean?
  9. Is this one really up to date, though? It just feels a little bit too good to be true to get the EAD and Travel Document that quickly... πŸ˜… The prediction here on Visajourney is that I'll get it around February-March next year... so... πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚ Hopefully it's any day now! 😁
  10. We posted the AOS packet on 6/17 with UPS, and it arrived on 6/21... and today my husband texted me from work saying that the check had been cashed! 😁 I'm still waiting for a text notification, but hopefully it'll come soon and then after that the NOA1.
  11. If I were to get an email or a text that they have received my application before I get the NOA1, could that be used until I actually get the physical NOA1? But so far it was only delivered to USCIS yesterday, so I guess I have to be patient to get anything at all in any shape or form... πŸ‘€
  12. My husband and I went to drop off the AOS packet with UPS last night, so now it's finally on its way! 😁
  13. Hi everyone ☺️, My husband and I just sent off the AOS packet with UPS yesterday. I'm so relieved to finally have sent it off and be done with filling out the forms and putting it all together. Now the waiting begins... πŸ˜… I was hoping that you guys could help me out, though. I've updated my timeline, but for AOS there's no processing estimate at all. I put Chicago as our CIS office since we live here, but still nothing. So is there any way to get an idea of an estimated processing time for Chicago? For EAD and Advance Parole the estimate says February 26th to March 30th 2022. I wasn't sure what CIS office to put for that, though, so I didn't put anything at all... But I know that AOS is different and that sometimes you get that before and sometimes not, so I just wanted to get an idea.
  14. I don't understand why an ID for her is needed in the first place? Isn't the passport good enough? Or if she has some ID from her home country? After you get the AOS NOA1 that would be your proof that it's okay for her to be here, right? And before that you have the entry stamp in the passport stating when your 90 days are up... Or did I miss something? I never got an ID when I came here in April and have just been carrying my passport around with me in my purse... πŸ˜…
  15. We're about to send our AOS packet out today (I'll just look through it one more time and hopefully everything is okay) and something that's been on my mind is that I will be out of status after July 8th. I know that some people get married late during their 90 days and that some people don't even bother sending the AOS packet in until later on, but I've felt that I don't want to risk anything happening that would get me into trouble for being here out of status... 😢 With that said I've heard that after your 90 days are up you can carry a copy of your marriage certificate and AOS NOA1 with you together with your passport and that should be okay. But what do you do if getting the NOA1 is delayed? How do you prove that it's okay for you to be here if you'd ever end up in a situation like that? Not that I plan to do something weird, but couldn't it be something as simple as getting pulled over by the cops for some routine thing and they ask for ID and see in my passport that my K1 status has expired? I realize that I'm probably overthinking here, but I've read a few horror stories here way back. Most likely it's extremely rare that something would go wrong, but I'd prefer not to risk anything... Any thoughts on this?
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