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  1. Hello, We got EAD status update as it being produced as of January 7, 2021. I hope others get it soon too ! Happy New Year to everybody <3
  2. Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it. I plan to wait another week and if there is no update gonna write to senator/congresswomen as it was advised to me on some other occasions (I guess it works or rather hope). There was not RFE for me so far and I hope they start moving forward with cases. I do not know where to locate information about if USCIS is actively reviewing, but I found these words under my I-485 case history ''Our National Benefits Center location is working on your case.'' is this what you mean? Thx!
  3. Hello, I did my biometrics on September 24, 2021. Since then my status has changed to fingerprints were applied. I anticipated my EAD card would arrive within weeks, but today on EMMA chat representative told me that at national benefits center it can take over 9 months and my case has been there for three months only. With this info my anxiety over everything hits another level. Can anyone tell me if this info is true or can anyone share their timeline at NBC? Thank you and good luck to all!
  4. Received biometrics letter in the mail today and are happy to see application progressing! Location: Lubbock field office AOS Mailed - June 24, 2021 NOA Texts Received - June 28, 2021 Biometrics Letter Received - September 7, 2021 Biometrics Appointment Scheduled - September 24, 2021
  5. Thank you. Am I clueless as I have no idea what/who EMMA is?
  6. Hello guys, My cases were received on June 24, 2021. Text messages were sent on June 28, 2021 (I have NOA1s for all forms). My biometrics has not been scheduled yet; should I be worrying? or is there any number I can call?
  7. Hey, Just an update. I have been calling local SSN office for the last four days. Despite the promise that expiry of i-94 will not affect my case, they took one month to process and now they are not able to issue it before 15th so they are gonna decline me on the basis of my i-94 expiring. I hope it works out for you, make sure you call them frequently.
  8. My package has been received on 6/24 and I have received all three NOA1s on 3rd of July. If anyone can advise me on one issue. I have applied for SSN almost a month ago, when I call local office they say the status is pending. I tried to call USCIS and DHS but could not get to anyone. I am 100% sure that documents I submitted are correct and timeline I applied within is good as well. What should i do now?
  9. Hello everybody, I have sent my package (i485, i765, I131) on 6/22/2021. Good luck to all!
  10. Hello, I am applying for adjustment of status from K1. I am filling i-485, i-846, i765, i131. As I understand at the time of application I only submit ds3025(copy of which I have) and not the form i693. Thank you.
  11. Hi guys, does anybody have any idea if having a marriage certification(in Texas) based on common-law marriage creates any issues for later AOC?
  12. I mean, they did not ask to present it, but the embassies differ so you got to be prepared for everything as we want to get visa approved asap( we waited for so long) Just follow the embassy's instructions and you will be fine
  13. Well, if you are bringing I-129 whole package those pictures are included. I have not really paid attention if he had old pictures or not. As for the frequency for WhatsApp my fiancé screenshotted couple of call logs for each month. For emails - put the word ''inbox'' in a Gmail search then ''label inbox'' comes up click it and then you put the email of the person who's mails u wanna see and then print it whatever comes up.
  14. Hello everyone, There are some updates I would love to share with ya'll. Yesterday I interviewed at the US embassy in Georgia and my K1 visa got approved. Altogether the process since applying took a year. Despite the frustrations of waiting so long there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The interview was so easy and smooth that I could not even imagine it in my dreams. At the embassy employees from security guards to the visa officers were superbly friendly, even the environment in the interview room was inviting. Within 10 minutes in the room I was calm and focused. After the documents were taken, I was asked to wait. Meanwhile other lady was interviewing for a K1 visa and her love story was so sweet that left all of us with teary eyes. In my interview window, I was met by a chilled American man who's smile I could see through his mask ❤️that helped and I was able to speak with him like I spoke with peers let's get to the business now... There are few things I would advise the couples preparing for interview to do. First, have a wonderfully organized documents and organize them according to the P3 package the embassy sent you. In my case, they have asked for ds-160, passport, fee payment; original documents with notarized translations(police certificates and so on); I-134 with all supporting documents; evidence of genuine engagement: pictures, correspondence frequency, remittances and so on. At the interview they have not asked beyond these documents though I had my i-129f with me. Second, I reviewed 100 questions or more, but was asked these two. 1. So you went to the US before on what type of visa? If you had a J1 visa make sure 2 year requirement is met or waived. 2. How did you meet your fiancé? 3. Where does he work? The officer looked at some of the pictures and said - ''ohh, they are cool'' and then ''seems we have everything we need and you should have your passport within a week'' DONE. Seems like the embassies missed applicants too
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