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  1. Hi all!! Interview was scheduled on 2/8/22 and it's for 3/15/22!! 😁 FO: Chicago PD: 6/21/22 EAD Approved: 1/7/22 Interview Scheduled: 2/8/22 Interview Date: 3/15/22 @stuckonyou any update?!
  2. @stuckonyou My husband's EAD card is being produced as of today!!! I received a notification from lawfully a few hours ago!! Still waiting for the interview notice. PD: 06/21/21 EAD expedite denied: 10/05/21 EAD being produced: 01/06/22 FO: Chicago
  3. @stuckonyou have you received your EAD or interview notice yet? Your timeline estimates that you should receive your EAD next week!
  4. @PULIN that's ridiculous! If it's approved then why are they making you wait to receive your GC? Hopefully you receive an update after the new year!
  5. @PULIN I've noticed that the California FOs make people wait a long time. Have you tried to speak with a live agent or call USCIS about it?
  6. "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the USCIS group, everyone was anxiously waiting to receive an update..."
  7. How long does it take to receive the GC after the interview? Is it usually a week? Let's hope that most of us receive the interview notice in January!!
  8. @Heather&Miguel I know how you feel. Our case has been ready to be scheduled since August too and it's very frustrating! We just want the interview notice!!!
  9. @stuckonyou National Benefits Center because our receipt numbers start with MSC.
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