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  1. Mainstream journalists and faces were biased before but it was a lot more subtle before and they generally still reported on the truth. In recent times their lying and malice have become normative, but far worse is that they're the primary culprits behind actual attacks on their own profession trying to intimidate and silence other journalists. The very people making sites like Breitbart, "blogs" etc. appealing on par if not above the mainstream press and journalists, are the very mainstream press and journalists themselves. If they want to shoot themselves in the foot and make their own voices irrelevant to all but the smallest niches of confirmation bias seeking nutjobs, who am I to stop them? I'll watch and enjoy it.
  2. Wish him the best of luck in finding enough Democrats to retake the Republican party. Hopefully lefties spend lots of money on the grift.
  3. Underrated, particularly in today's environment of deplatforming and thoughtpolicing. I mean.. Orwell had ties to people who knew white supremacists and therefore is one himself. This lady clearly amplifies white supremacy therefore her and Orwell should be banned by the moderators.
  4. Lost when they introduced George P. Bush. Good for Texas, though, they had best consider all measures possible to protect the jobs of Texans. There's no limit to the US harming malice to the benefit of other parts of the oil producing world laughing at the global warming religion's recent success.
  5. Can't read blogs, social media, op-eds, websites my browser doesn't approve of, websites my preferred fact checker/site approver dislikes, sites with disliked domain names, can't watch Youtube videos, Periscope videos, can't read or watch anything from people who might have ties to people that like posts of those I might disagree with.. only approved viewpoints and sources allowed!
  6. It's been a good number of years, but Moore, iirc, didn't directly claim that OBL funded Bush but he did present an image that the Biden Ladens were close (six degrees of separation context) with the Bushs via the Carlyle Group, along with asking why the Bin Ladens were "secretly flown" out of the US. The only rational takeaway from that was how many corrupt connections career politicians inextricably have. People are very squeamish on both sides about the things they read. I sit here laughing at the mental gymnastics people perform to justify not reading something (oh no not Breitbart, eww blogs, etc). Nonetheless, even the things we disagree with greatly can have important information to extract.
  7. By the second day it would be cancelled as people see cash with "MAGA", "Election was stolen", "All Lives Matter", the okay sign, Pepe the frog, etc.
  8. "shared a link to a video along with the comment: “This is what the UN wants all over the world with the UN Global Migration Compact to be signed Dec 10-11 in Morocco. But I’m still banned on my fb pages from going live, for using the term ‘illegal invaders’, apparently that’s hate speech!” " That's correct, it doesn't.
  9. The key is relevance, a minor detail which I notice some of the people are incredibly afraid to discuss in these amusing generalizations. People are free to swim at the surface but please don't swipe at those of us who actually bring depth.
  10. If popularity is being gauged for the sake of popularity, it might be meaningful. But for that.. who cares? If it's gauged for the sake of elections (which is what most people infer), it's irrelevant. Romney is a Republican and Democrats aren't going to vote for him. I really hope he votes to convict, he'll sink as fast as Liz Cheney.
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