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  1. The "start" of anyone ever looking at Page is not the issue, genius, it's the FISA warrant and the fact that people spied on the Trump campaign during election 2016, and even after. And in this video in Horowitz's "wall of words" opening testimony, he blatantly says it was the dossier: 1:14:50-1:15:13: "We concluded that the Steele Reporting played a central and essential role in the decision to seek a FISA order. FBI leadership supported relying on Steele's reporting to seek a FISA order after being advised of concerns expressed by a department attorney that Steele may have been hired by someone associated with a rival candidate or campaign." 1:17:33-1:18:04 "The Crossfire Hurricane team obtained information from Steele's primary subsource in January 2017, that raised significant questions about the reliability of the Steele reporting. This was particularly noteworthy because the FISA applications relied entirely on information from the primary subsource's reporting to support the allegation that Page was coordinating with the Russian government on 2016 US Presidential election activities." And on top of being wrong, you then point to a book you likely never read, from Fusion GPS. 😂 Another faceplant.
  2. Oh good, we're back to cut and pasting headlines, from media that pushed Russia conspiracies, the dossier, that all turned out wrong, and a plethora of other fabricated things (Manafort visited Assange), etc. It's promising seeing how some people won't ever learn. Moving on from the low energy/intelligence stuff: Watching Comey go to the friendly fake news earlier in the week and say the report vindicates him is hilarious. Horowitz directly refuted this. Comey signed off on several FISA applications, some directly following Comey himself calling the dossier salacious, yet doing it anyways. There's a handful of people that should be charged with defrauding/conspiracy to defraud the FISA court. Kevin Clinesmith doctored (tampered with) evidence to the court, and should be charged. Comey went on the media and lied repeatedly saying the dossier had little effect, when we know the dossier is what got the FISA warrant, it was "central" and "essential". Adam Schiff also hilariously repeated this, and defended Fusion GPS, Steele, and the dossier, saying that the Trump campaign was "compromised by the Russians". The only person almost as bad as Comey with lying is Schiff. The only thing somewhat promising is seeing people like Paul, Nunes, Jordan, Lee, etc. start saying names and directly referencing charges/prison. Hoping against the odds vital people go to jail.
  3. The gaslighted left should relish in their new found deep state/neocon friendship. Once it actually sinks in, of course. Politics makes strange bedfellows.
  4. In more of what I've read, Carter Page was working for the US government, an FBI lawyer arbitrarily changed his status as a foreign agent to justify a counterintel operation against him (part of the wider operation against the Trump campaign). When Trump, as President, was supposed to get briefings, Comey et al lied to him, and tried to convince people to pull a 25th amendment against Trump. And they all used fabricated nonsense from the Clinton camp, which included Steele, Fusion, Blumenthal, Ohrs, Page, and plenty of others, combined with circular reasoning (made up stuff to attain FISA, FISA used to justify spying, trying to get court convictions with some other laws apparently broken unrelated to the premise of the investigation) to attain that FISA to start this whole ridiculous process that's cascaded into more abuses to justify endless government attacks on Trump and the people around him. This is the kind of stuff people hang for, and should. It's one thing to be a zealous cop protecting the country from what one perceives as a foreign threat, it's another to manufacture stuff for the sole purpose of deciding an election outcome, and then to attempt to supplant an elected President, for no reason other than personal animus. Even funnier right now is how Devin Nunes writes a memo talking about FISA abuses, the media absolutely trashes him, Horowitz just basically said the same thing Nunes said almost two years ago to the day (but using the incorrect idea that these corrupt bureau people are exonerated), the media praises Horowitz. Pelosi in an interview with Chris Matthews on that day said Nunes was lying, the Maddow clown show repeatedly said they had enough stuff on their own to spy on Trump's camp, repeating conspiracies about Trump and kompromat, the media is every bit as complicit as the bureau people are in gaslighting half the populace. The long term damage to the country is now done, and the only hope of ever countering this is holding people accountable. But even now people are still working to undermine Trump for the very reasons this dossier and other garbage was brought up, because they just don't want Trump as President, and have no other way of defeating him. The Ukraine thing follows the exact same comical approach. I'm seeing no will by oversight bodies (IG, Congress) to actually hold people accountable. The reason why is they will damage their own relationships, potentially, their own abuses. Which describes how deeply embedded corruption is within the American government, and why I logically believe that its not something that will solve itself. The American people basically have to solve it on their own.
  5. Horowitz also in what I've seen of the report described spying as "surveillance", but the plethora of ways he likewise described the way they were employing it is precisely what people talk about when they say spying. When people think "surveillance", they're thinking just wiretaps or video/audio surveillance, but this included foreign counterintelligence travel, the employ of foreign assets, infiltration of groups, it's ridiculous how far this went all to try and undermine Trump because they didn't want him President. Comey sat there lying to Congress, lied to the media, and so on, minimizing the dossier. But this fabricated trash was "central", as anyone with a modicum of common sense understood, to the initialization of spying on the Trump campaign. This is not how government should be used against people, these rules the bureaus abused were intended for foreign agents, spying on Americans requires a different, more transparent process, and if the bureaus can't handle this sort of power, it shouldn't have it at all. These bureaus through their actions represent far more a threat to American democracy and civil society than the Russians or any other foreign government could hope to be.
  6. Horowitz "rips".. Barr "blasts".. ☝️ Fox News. Just like every time the fake news for the left played up the "bombshells", "walls were closing in", "beginning of the end", for every report or public statement, this is all meaningless posturing. It's obvious, just like last year's IG report, nothing is going to happen. Again, the IG is laying out a series of abusive actions, criminal motivations, by a swath of bureau people, to cover themselves (the IG) against liability (repercussions for not doing their job), but make a conclusion against holding anyone in the bureaus accountable (passing the "judgement" to Congress), to cover themselves from retaliatory action and personal harassment by the bureaus. Congress is going to make a big show about it, in tandem with the media, trying to rile up people on both sides while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Just a massive waste of time, money, and in the end, perpetuating the status quo of systemic abuse by people who the citizens have no check against. But these are people we should be fearful of, because those people that have been demonstrated to abuse power, hold power over all of us, anyways, and clearly no one that can hold them accountable is going to keep them in check, which always means this is going to get worse.
  7. Maybe I can convince the wife to move to Iceland now.
  8. 1) I already discussed the IG's report, and the headlines of the "conclusions" are already posted. My replies to you are about your posts, your arguments. You were making an argument. Therefore, your arguments are open to criticism. 2) Mistake means accidental, or not malicious. Leaks are not accidental, even a few of them, in agencies where information is supposed to be safeguarded. Over a hundred leaks in the span of months is not a "mistake", it's very clearly malicious acts. We have leaks orchestrated by the very people responsible for "investigating" both Trump and Hillary, Strzok's texts describe a "leak strategy", we have proof of over a hundred leaks between these bureaus, right after, and the media. The same people who wanted Hillary to win "100 million to zero". The logic follows entirely, the only thing that's not following is your arguments, because they're based on the headline of a report's conclusion that itself doesn't follow its own evidence, let alone all the other now-publicly-available evidence. 3) This is called appeal to authority fallacy. Just because people appear to be the "experts" on something doesn't mean they're inherently correct, which is why we deduce the information before us, rather than just believe conclusions others give us, particularly something of this importance. And again, I've already argued with their points, you've made your own, so it's funny you're hiding behind other people when you, yourself, are making arguments. 4) lol.
  9. It's a joke, I doubt the vast majority of people (on any side) really care what's on Time's cover. The reason Thunberg gets criticism is because people rightfully have negative response to those trying to fearmonger and incite panic. But because her spiel aligns politically with a certain demographic, they not only don't criticize, but try to use any criteria to place victim status on her to prevent criticism. 😂
  10. I semi- agree/semi-disagree with the first part. The IG described (illegal+breaches of policy) actions and motives of bureau employees that isn't congruous with their conclusion. Twice. The burden to recommend prosecution, which also facilitates further investigation isn't beyond reasonable doubt, it's probable cause. We're way beyond probable cause now. This is the IG doing a gymnastics balancing act, doing the bare minimum necessary to try and prevent themselves from being placed under the microscope, while trying not to upset their bureau buddies given the damage they can do to people. You said they made mistakes. Is leaking 100+ times in a short time frame a mistake or not? Obvious answer, and the reason you don't want to answer it, despite its relevance, is because it gives you an answer you don't want. When people only read the headlines.
  11. Guess we'll see how bad the TDS is in today's lexicographers.
  12. The biblical version? Because this is very fitting for the topic (global warming), but not in a good way (for them).
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