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  1. The term "absolute immunity" was used nowhere in the ruling, every single justice recognized the President is not above the law. This is simply a straw man, and why it's virtue signaling is because its telling us what we already know, what's not even an argument on the table, but a statement contrived for political correctness to signal one's virtue. You're pretending it allows the subpoenas, if it did, it would be over. His records would be produced within hours, days. Might want to read the actual arguments rather than headlines and footnotes. The House has no right to prosecute private citizens, or subpoena documents of private citizens unrelated to public service. That is not its power, quite simply spelled out in the Constitution, that is the Executive's power. The only oversight they have is a limited amount and over the Presidents public service. Seeking 10 year financial records of a President from well before he was President is out of bounds of their role as Congress. The legislative purpose described was also rebuffed. There's no way forward with that in the House. For Vance, on the other hand, nothing was decided, other than he can try in a lower court, but in the lower court, Trump can raise other defenses, because of the wording in Vance being so similar to the House's poor attempts, it can be described as political. Political prosecutions are the role of Congress, it is not allowed in law enforcement.
  2. Right now the only obvious loser is the House. They were flat out told no. Vance and his grand jury were basically told "you have the right to try..." ... in the lower courts. Which is basically nothing, with a little virtue signal sauce on top. How fake news and the left are spinning it:
  3. I don't care about the symbolic gestures of "patriotism", but I'm certain someone who supports tearing down statues of George Washington, and referring to people like Lincoln and Washington as "dead traitors", demonstrates very serious ill will toward the very country they served, and it deserves all criticism it gets. It begets the necessary questions of why she served, why she sits in the Senate, why she's even considering a VP nomination, and why she's in the US at all. Her identity doesn't place her above criticism, not even the founders themselves possess that. I wouldn't play into the hands of identity politics. Someone who respects the country they serve would protect these institutions, she wants to take a stick of dynamite to them. You also have Generals who, behind closed doors, plot against the President.. the President, while benefiting from their service to immediately transition to defense contracting. That's not what service is supposed to be used for. One by one, undermining institutions like this is precisely how this revolution is playing out.
  4. At best some don't have a parental instinct, and much like the risk someone runs of lung cancer from smoking, there's a risk that absent instinct plays a starring role in their child's death. For myself and sisters, it was amazing that we all survived to adulthood. But the more I investigate this the more I realized it was part of a cycle, and for many others, it's the same way. Their parents suffered the same, and their parents and so on. Like any other obstacle in life, we can choose to simply be another victim of fate (things that are put upon us that we didn't do but inherit that can be detrimental) or we can observe, learn, and set a new course.
  5. The law is the law my friends. If they wrote the dumb stuff legally then it's unambiguously a crime to deface. Nonetheless, for what pettiness this issue amounts to, juxtaposing the ####ty locally sanctioned road scrawlings of BLM which is a movement designed purely for destruction and unequivocally nothing positive, with the good-natured and thought out statues and monuments to the founders and key figures to the United States' founding, tells you where a certain political demographic are today in demonstrating clear contempt for the United States.
  6. Look at how they're treated when they dare go against the narrative: Terry Crews stuck to his guns, and this is what you have to do, and it became pointless because when Don realized Terry wasn't going to bend the knee, he cut him off, refused to take his opinion seriously, even though its what rational people are thinking. When Terry talks about black on black violence, and the bad parenting and decisions for "Black Lives Matter" and why they're not even talking about it whatsoever (the elephant in the room), he switches to "they stand for" this and "stand for" that (police brutality). When Terry says except those involved with the organization are talking about other issues, and is about to go into it, such as the statues and other bull#### that has nothing to do with police which is clearly as much if not more prominent in the BLM movement, he cuts Terry off, tries to push it back to his own narrative, then just cuts off the entire segment. There's nothing to learn from this network. It's trash, and while I'm glad to watch someone else's recorded clip of people like Terry standing up to them, I already knew there are blacks who recognize exactly what Terry said, they unfortunately are too cowardly, too affected by their social environment, because that's how they're raised, and that's how mostly-white leftists have ensured things will be and stay. So they're trying to fight their way out of quicksand. They need help.
  7. I really hope forgiveness is extremely limited, especially to large corporations. I hear the interest on these are like 1% annual, which might explain why so many that don't need it might be taking it anyways. Because why not? If you can't pay it, its "forgiven". If you can, and stay in business, 1% is a sweetheart deal and a huge boost to revenue generating assets. With the taxpayer as your business collateral, and a better loan than you'd likely find on the market, you'd be stupid not to.
  8. I get a good chuckle but done industry wide they help facilitate social destabilization, they're deliberately fomenting it. They're doing this for the same reason these moronic elite all across the country are throwing fits, they can't cope with someone outside their circle and outside their control being elected. They like their little predictable boring world where they're the gatekeepers to those who come into power, so they can work with this intricate web of useless elites (who find no other purpose in life beyond screwing with people, as is typical with people devoted most to power and money over all else) to carve America, and the world, up a little finer among themselves. Facilitating destabilization and chaos is a good way of distracting a populace that was starting to coalesce around Trump, help wedge people back into their respective diametric/isolated camps, where they're easier to maintain control over. In the end, no matter what they do, there is no going back to the way things were thanks to what they helped facilitate. Learn to code, #####es. As much as I think people should read as much diverse opinions as they can, the media does not represent an honest view from any standpoint. They now exist solely as means to a certain end. I'd simply suggest to stop reading or paying attention to them entirely. Also, pay less attention to the right wing media that do this outrage mongering. If they're not playing a useful role, which is information, which is actually useful and educating, they're not worth the time. Facilitating "reactions" as a medium is as pointless as it can get.
  9. I can't disagree, but I will venture an estimation of my own: It's a dog whistle. The left will ignore it, might even agree with it, but they don't care about this. How is it a dog whistle then? It's a dog whistle to everyone else. Think about it for a second. What do you see the most on conservative pundit sites and social media accounts? Outrage, about everything the left does, like this. Garbage in, garbage out. Do you act on every single outrage piece? No, you're desensitized to it because of how much you read/hear about it. The brain says, this is run of the mill. Ahh, the deranged left and their media are acting dumb again.. next. There's a psychological condition people call in layman's terms "analysis paralysis", where you're inundated with so much information on something and the personal choice of whether to act, how to act, etc., you simply don't act, are overwhelmed with the sheer scale of choices you're just paralyzed. The brain just says don't act at all, I have no idea what the hell to do. Because the general public doesn't know how to compartmentalize, or what I call "logic filter", analysis paralysis and desensitization together lead people to simply not react sufficiently to actual threats. And that, my friends, is the point. Paralyze people. The same way overwhelming people with cognitive dissonance can lead to desired outcomes in weak people, bombarding them with dog whistles that conservative outrage monetizers can't pass up leads to people thinking these republic destroying actions by the left aren't threats. Ahh, the deranged left and their media are acting dumb again.. next.
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