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  1. Ahhh so private health care with subsidies = positive, private with no subsidies = heavily weighted positive. Good information. Thanks for looking into this!
  2. Oh really? I was under the impression that subsidies were a no go? I thought that took away from the sponsor and beneficiary being totally self sufficient?
  3. Okay thanks. I understand it’s not yet in effect. Do you know how to ensure the health insurance is not subsidized though?
  4. Does anyone know how to make sure the health insurance plan you have is not subsidized? Do I just have to avoid purchasing it on the exchange and directly from the insurer? We’re looking to change our plan but if I understand correctly should make sure it’s not subsidized because of these new rules? Thanks.
  5. I was added to his checking account but not credit cards. I have my own separate account though as well, which I opened before he added me onto his/our joint account.
  6. I bank with US Bank and just got an unsecured CC with no credit history at all in the US. I’m excited because I thought I’d have to get a secured! I have great credit in Canada but was told it cannot be transferred (by a mortgage specialist at US Bank). US required an SSN and proof of residing legally in the states (my K1 visa in my passport) to open the account though 🤷‍♀️. Or at least the employee I dealt with did.
  7. No, I never said that? I made it clear I had permanently left Canada. I reiterated it several times on the phone with her. She was in a managerial position at this government office. Hard to believe she could be so mistaken about something so important.
  8. All this to me would seem that you’re all right. I made sure to be very clear with her about the fact that I had left on a K1 visa and applied for residency in the states. Maybe she was not aware of that difference between leaving temporarily for 24 months and intending to live somewhere else permanently. Scary to think you can potentially be given such an expensive piece of misinformation.
  9. I have no doubt that BC would go after someone if they were not covered and delivered here. But what I’ve been told today by a Health Insurance BC employee is that you don’t necessarily lose coverage the moment you leave the country, regardless of your intent to immigrate. She said there is a 24 month absence period you are allowed. She also scolded me for not letting them know I was leaving 6 months prior to departing Canada, but said I was absolutely still covered in BC because I have not been gone for 24 months.
  10. I hear you, but the thing is I got this information from calling Health Insurance BC directly. She said specifically that I am covered for a period of 24 months absence because I had been present for at least 6 months out of the calender year in the previous 5 years. How could she possibly be wrong about that? edit: I wrote it all down and kept having her repeat herself (she definitely found me annoying) to ensure I was not misinterpreting what she was saying. If you call Heath Insurance BC you can easily speak to someone about this. I am positive I did not misunderstand her. She looked me up with my PHN, asked me when exactly I departed Canada for the states and said to me that I am definitely still covered for the reasons stated above. I said “so if I were to give birth here I would not receive a single bill afterward” to which she replied “No, you are still covered in BC”. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Hey! I wanted to jump back on here because I checked out of curiosity and didn’t lose my MSP coverage despite establishing residence (or applying for residence) in the states because I was present in Canada for 6 months out of the calender year for 5 years prior. Just wanted to let you know. It’s not an automatic thing the second you leave apparently there are various factors.
  12. I’ve read sometimes USCIS loses something and sends the applicant an RFE to obtain it again. Definitely don’t panic I’m sure it’s something you can easily fix.
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply. I wonder if it would actually be enforced with a former USC spouse who overstayed a K visa. I understand now the overstay was not “forgiven” during the AOS process, but rather “paused”. But I wonder how strict they are about that. Have we heard of anyone who abandoned AOS and was then subject to a bar for overstaying the K1? I guess most people who abandon AOS are probably not in a hurry to return to the states anyway.
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