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  1. My status updated about 5 days before I received the letter, and the interview was scheduled for about 3 weeks after that.
  2. I departed the US while my I485 was pending and while my AP was expired. I did this knowing it would void my status as plans changed and I will be residing in my home country at least for a while. I sent a letter to USCIS with my alien number and the petition number and told them I had departed the US and am no longer seeking residency at this time. They received my letter because my online status changed to “we received correspondence and are reviewing it.” Today I received an update on the app saying my interview has been scheduled. Any idea why? Also, for those wondering this is Seattle and I’m just a month shy of the 2 year mark when I filed the petition. So it took 23 months for my interview to be scheduled just to let all you Seattle filers know.
  3. Why are you filing VAWA? You said your marriage was “difficult” and “in shambles,” but that alone doesn’t qualify you for VAWA. Are you claiming that your spouse has been violent? If so, you will need to gather any and all police reports you have filed related to your spouse being abusive. Please elaborate on what grounds you’re filing VAWA so people on here can better assist you.
  4. The bottom line is this lack of intimacy is not working for you. I think all of us can understand. I would approach this is an empathetic way with your wife, and not an accusatory one (ie: “you must be using me for a green card because intimacy is nonexistent”). You really need to bring this up with her. Let her know the extent to which this is bothering you. It could be that her libido has decreased and she can consult a physician to find out why. Or it could be that her interest in you has decreased and therefore a divorce would be best, because you need to be in a different relationship if that’s the case as you’re not happy living this way. You’re married adults so please don’t hesitate to speak with her about this.
  5. I don’t see how or why her mental health issues would excuse her leaving without advance parole. If she is your fiancée, why not just file the K1 or better yet the spouse visa application?
  6. K1 would work although I would recommend the CR1. That way your boyfriend (husband) will be able to work as soon as he enters the US.
  7. That’s not likely to work. H1b visa jobs are mostly physicians, computer science, engineers, etc. Construction is not the kind of profession that qualifies. It’s also very expensive and not an easy process to sponsor someone, even if he was in a profession that might qualify him for a work visa. Fortunately, Canadians are able to spend up to 6 months in the US. He just won’t be able to work unless you get married.
  8. What does your boyfriend do? Obtaining work sponsorship is difficult and only available to certain highly trained or experienced individuals.
  9. Thank you. There is really no way to tell if I incurred a ban before the interview?? Wow. Do you know if the waiver is likely to be approved?
  10. You might want to try contacting the physician’s office in Quebec and asking how long in advance you normally need to book. I remember when I had to get my medical done for the K1 in BC, and I think it took about a week for them to fit me in. I’m sure once you know when your interview will be you can arrange it.
  11. I left the US and my AP is expired. I knowingly abandoned my application for adjustment of status. I have my reasons. I came to the US on a K1 and then filed for AOS. I filed a little late, so I may or may not have incurred a 3 year ban (I think I was out of status just under 180 days but I’m unclear how they calculate it). I plan to write to USCIS with my receipt and alien number, letting them know I have left and am withdrawing my application. My husband and I plan to file a CR1 visa later on. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a spouse green card visa interview at Montreal right now? Is it about a year still? Also, if I did incur a 3 year ban for the overstay period because the AOS was filed late, would we then have to wait to file when the 3 years were over or is there some kind of waiver we could apply for?
  12. What the past few years have taught me is that people will see what they want to see. Logic and facts are irrelevant.
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