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  1. - Original RFE letter - RFE cover letter For petitioning sponsor & joint sponsor: - new completed I-864 form - proof of US citizenship (birth certificate) - 2020 federal tax return with all W-2s, 1099s and schedules - pay stubs from the last six months - letter from employer We did get help but she wasn’t a lawyer.
  2. I got the same RFE as you, I know the letter sounded so vague, so you have to really double check everything. I have a PDF file of the forms that I initially submitted, and realized that I made a couple of mistake. First, for my joint sponsor, under the "current individual annual income" section we put the "total income" number on the federal tax return that he filed jointly with his wife. After doing some research, the "current individual annual income" means the amount you're making individually for the current calendar year that you are filing, so we put the number that match the salary on the employment letter. We also updated paystubs from the last six months. Second mistake was not sending a complete tax return, we only submitted 1040 forms and his W-2s. We later found out that if your joint sponsor filed taxes jointly with their spouse, you have submit all W-2s, 1099s, and schedules that are related to the tax return, even if you're only using the income from one person. Good luck!
  3. I'm in Sacramento, CA Case number: IOE0913454XXX Timeline: Sept 13: Package delivered to Chicago Lockbox Sept 15: NOAs via text Sept 16: Checks cashed Sept 20: NOAs in the mail Sept 24: Biometrics scheduled Oct 4: Biometrics appointment notice in the mail. Oct 22: Biometrics appointment Oct 23: case is being actively reviewed by USCIS (I-485, I-765) Oct 27: Request for initial evidence
  4. USCIS sent me RFIE for i-864, even though I already submitted it and it's correct. In my online account, they didn't upload the i-864 form, only the supporting document. Maybe they lost it? So I talked to a lawyer, she said it's mostly USCIS mistake and told me to resubmit the i-864 form again with same supporting tax documents but with updated pay stubs. Little bit annoyed but whatever, gonna resubmit it again soon.
  5. Glad so many folks here are getting their biometrics scheduled. I had my biometrics done last Friday. It was slow and the line was long. Their system had a hard time reading people’s fingerprints. I had multiple attempts until they finally accepted my fingerprints. The next day status changed to “case is being actively reviewed by USCIS” for I-485 and I-765.
  6. Don't send anything unless they ask you to. If you're case is marriage I-485, you will get a deficiency notice for your medical, not an RFE. You have to bring your medical to the interview.
  7. I was scheduled on the Sept 24 and received the letter in the mail on October 4, so ten days.
  8. My timeline: AOS (adjusting from F1 visa, spouse of USC) Sept 13: Package delivered at Chicago Lockbox Sept 15: NOAs via text Sept 16: Checks cashed Sept 20: NOAs in the mail Sept 24: Biometrics scheduled October 4: Biometrics appointment notice in the mail, scheduled for Oct 22.
  9. If you filed form G-1145, they will notify you via text/email that you provided on the form.
  10. Hey, I just checked my online account too. I was able to access my biometrics appointment notice. I’m scheduled for October 22!
  11. I also just received a notification that my biometrics appointment was scheduled (PD Sept 13, 2021). Waiting for the NOA to arrive in the mail. Glad that everything’s moving quickly so far for us September filers.
  12. Same thing with me. Under the I-485 section, there so many missing important documents, such as me and my husband’s birth certificates, marriage certificate, I-94, etc. I was reading through July 2021 filers thread, so many folks got RFEs for documents that they already submitted. But you can upload missing documents on their website.
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