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  1. I also requested my SSN through the I-765 but it never came and all that time I wasted just waiting for it, I could have been already in line to schedule an appointment in person (which took roughly 3 months to happen - I couldn't just call them and get to schedule my appointment, I had to wait for them to call me back just to schedule the appointment). My local SS office was seriously backlogged, but maybe it's not the case of your local SS office...if you call them you will probably know how long it'd take for you to get an appointment there. But, from my own experience, if I were you, I'd call your local SSN, check whether or not a number was assigned to you (it may be that the card is on its way) and if not, schedule an appointment to get a SSN. In case your new card arrives in the meantime, you call them and cancel the appointment.
  2. damn that sucks... my biometrics pic is horrible... as for your passport style pics, i'm sure you'll be able to use them on future filings with the USCIS (removal of conditions etc, they always ask for passport style pics, right? hahaha)
  3. you know, there's also this awesome pinned post you may want to take a look no need for negativity! (nor your judgment)
  4. I think it's a very valid doubt by OP because the pinned post is from 2015 and it's 2021...these things change so fast and so much that you can never be too sure
  5. btw i meant that emma was unhelpful, not you polite parrot! lol
  6. Please keep us updated on how it goes when you come back, I'm actually almost in the same situation as yours, my interview will be on the same day of my trip abroad. so now I'm thinking about rescheduling my interview so that I don't risk getting approved and then I can't enter because I'm in the limbo... at least my Advanced Parole would still be valid since there are so many discrepancies about whether or not it can be used while we don't have the actual green card 😕
  7. I talked to Emma and they said they couldn't see the date and that i should wait for the letter, completely unhelpful 😕 also, how do you know that the medical exam collected by CBP is or isn't valid?
  8. My interview got scheduled. yay does anyone know how to find out the date of the interview before receiving the letter in the mail? why don't they show the date of the interview on the website? 😕
  9. in fact yes! i called the ss office again (after calling them so many times and no help) this time some holy woman helped me, she talked to her manager and on the next day i received a call scheduling my appointment!
  10. i actually signed up to discovery+ because of it lol has anyone watched the single life? big pred makes me puke 🤮
  11. i saw your post and the very pathetic little people with their silly unhelpful condescending and a waste of pixels in my screen responses. they don't seem to realise that they're making a fool of themselves and it's just sad. good thing is that there are so many wonderful helpful people here that will definitely contribute positively to whatever we ask, in spite of these miserable trolls.
  12. I got my EAD in March but no ssn because the social security office is super backlogged 😪 EAD is pretty useless without a SSN
  13. yeah that's the pattern i've been seeing around here. however for the interview to be scheduled after the "ready to schedule interview", it really depends on your region. for instance, i got my "ready to schedule interview" before you, in the beginning of March and so far nothing has been scheduled for me. Your region is probably less backlogged than mine. I'm jealous hahahha
  14. are you saying it will take a month from the notice "ready to schedule an interview" for the interview to be scheduled? 'cause that's not usually the case lol i've been waiting for my interview to be actually scheduled since march this year...
  15. If yes, when did you file for your AOS? And how long did it take from the notification of interview to the actual scheduled interview? I'm asking because I'd like to estimate how long it may take me to get mine (I'm an August filer). I wanna leave the country during summer and I'm afraid to have an interview scheduled around the time I'd be away. Depending on what I learn, I might not even leave the country after all 😕
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