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  1. There are just so many options, I read the "top checkings/savings account 2021" lists and get more confused because I don't see much of a pattern there...so I'd like to know from you guys, how did you pick the bank where you opened your checkings/savings account? what pros and cons you have experienced and what to look for? Thanks!
  2. contact your local ss office asap, they can check if your ssn was requested or not, if it wasn't, you probably have to schedule an in-person appointment to get it, so the sooner you do the better.
  3. perhaps the standards of beauty in brazil are a bit peculiar! hahaha i think it's like those criminals that show up on the news for some awful crime but then there will always be women who write them love letters when they're in prison hahaha
  4. to have more options to send his d*ck pic to! hahahahaha it worked, his relationship with jess was because she slid into his dms because of his tlc fame, no? hahaha darcey may be thirsty for that fame, but she seems to be a sweetheart! i don't think she used anybody in order to get famous, but i do think that tom and jesse used her (and still do!) for that. you are so right about stacey! bet she was very frustrated when darcey scored the 90 day fiance gig with jesse and not her!
  5. omg do tell which podcast it is, i hope it's a different one from the ones i listen to! yes judge me i love running errands or walking my dog while listening to trashy podcasts about trashy tv hahaha HAHAHA I MISSED THAT! nothing can top stephs "harris...future fiance????" hahahaha i really would like to know which one of the couples that chose to apply to be on 90 day fiance ? what are your theories? the ones that come to my mind: yara and jovi: yara wanted the influencer lifestyle and sell her aliexpress overpriced jackets, and she was also in other trashy reality tv shows in her homeland syngyn and tania: both wanted the fame and the easy life associated with the influencer lifestyle, i think i read somewhere that they wanted the exposure to sell their hippie soaps and whatnot sumit and jenny: sumit because he wanted to get a paycheck and a divorce but if he did it on a reality tv show his parents and the parents of the ex could not kill him because of the exposure lol angela and mykull: angela is not stranger to trash tv as she went to maury's, right? also, she loves being the center of attention, thinks she's such a gift to the world and needed the money for her plastic surgeries and cigarettes. i think mykull at this point just puts up with angela's abuse because he likes that tlc paycheck...i don't think he cares about the greencard that much....no greencard is worth the abuse he goes through..but then i heard angela spent the money he made from the show and cameos on her plastic surgeries... ari and bini: ari whose traveling lifestyle was probably sponsored by her parents, probably wanted the tlc paycheck in order to afford her lifestyle with live-in nanny and mansion in ethiopia, since butt bongos wouldn't do it libby and andrei: libby and her famewh*oring family i mean...libby is an actress wannabe right? i think she just wanted to be tv famous at any cost, since her acting career didn't take off she settled for reality tv..what's intriguing is how much her entire family is thirsty for the tv fame....and they're milking it by selling their onlyfans subscriptions where they show every.thing. this is particularly precious when you think that not a long time ago libby shaded larissa by calling her a "stripper" haha darcy and jesse and tom: all of them! their ego and vanity are SO similar it's hilarious... if anyone really cared about their relationship and had two cells in their brains, they'd know that they should reevaluate their life choices and relationships if tlc has any interest in your relationship...it's probably because it's a hotmess and they'll make sure to enhance the trainwreck for our own amusement....it's total self-sabotage if you care about relationship and your mental health, but it's great for the $$$$ if all you care about is instagram followers and trying to score a spin-off
  6. omg i loved that expression, never heard of it before and i am totally adopting it now who's watching 90 day fiance the other way? i'm loving it corey and evelin: borefest, please let them go away. but i also root for corey to dump evelin and go to the colombian girl or peruvian girl i don't remember sumit and jenny: entertaining...sumit calling astrology a science LOL i wonder if sumit paid the astrologer to tell them not to rush into marriage lol will sumit ever marry jenny? why is jenny wanting to live in india as opposed to bringing sumit to the us? i kinda think sumit is a bit checked out of this relationship already, i think he wants to drag it as much as he can for the tlc paycheck ellie and baba (victor): yes please. she must really love that dude to let go of his betrayal...i'm rooting for her. ellie's pizza co-worker is..weird steven with a v and alina: looking forward to their storyline, steven is quite a figure and alina seems very sweet. i'm quite impressed that steven learned russian because that's pretty rare for the americans to actually learn a new language even if they lived abroad lol ari and bini: i always feel like fast-forwarding their bits. bini seems like such a sweet guy but idk because i fast-forwarded his bits in the previous season lol what's up with inviting the ex to visit and stay at your house with your husband? hmmmmm i wouldn't be able to take it as well as bini did. clearly ari lacks empathy, i don't think she'd take that well if bini were to do the same to her. also, ari has been living this entire time in ethiopia and said she hasn't tried their typical dishes yet...uh? what are you guys' take?
  7. you should do further research to make sure you can't because i don't see why you wouldn't be able to. i didn't have any of those things when we filed our taxes. the itin can be requested when you file your taxes, which you can do by scheduling an appointment with irs.
  8. Get her an ITIN https://www.irs.gov/individuals/how-do-i-apply-for-an-itin i didn't have a SSN when my husband filed our taxes, we had to apply for an ITIN
  9. Esterlyn gave you a good response. But yeah as soon as we entered the IO's office he asked us if we were gonna need a translator. You should double check it, but I don't think the translator will be allowed in the room with you, but on the phone yes, so maybe do some arrangements for that. It is also possible that the office you're going to may provide a translator to you as well (I've read here that some people didn't even need their own translator because the IO offered one from USCIS but you should double check that). Yeah we took our taxes because it was new (2020), by the time we had filed the AOS we only had the 2019 taxes. IO did not ask me about health insurance but we had all the papers with us just in case.
  10. You know, my interview went just like that, it seems that that's the normal procedure of some offices. I received a paper saying that my interview was done and that it should be reviewed and as soon as I got home I saw my status changed to new card being produced. I actually got the card first and a few days later the approval letter lol
  11. you can go here and search for your local office https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/ or you can go back to the progress report threads of people who filed before september, usually there's a bunch of people (me included) posting about how their interview went
  12. oh wow so you had your interview separated from your spouse?
  13. I didn't have the last two and got approved. have you considered opening a joint bank account in a different bank then?
  14. I agree with everyone here and say apply for CR-1. Crazy Cat made great points! Regardless if you're from Brazil, that applies to anyone. I'd say go for the k1 if you want to be with your significant other as soon as possible, and you don't care about all the cons Crazy Cat listed. If I could turn back time I'd much have preferred applying for the spousal visa so that when I'd get to the US, I'd be able to have a normal life right away. It really sucked being in a limbo with no certain time to end.
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