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  1. Hey, sorry for my late answer. https://tr.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/91/2017/06/K1K2-Visa-Instructions-EN.pdf it's the link and it seems like the same with you sent me before. If I'll see a difference I'll let you know
  2. Hi everyone! My fiance just got an e-mail from Turkey embassy on 14th!! That says our case is in Ankara and ready to schedule an appointment! Plus they letting us know that they won't send a paper P3 and gave us a link for instructions. So I think I don't have to wait for a paper instructions packet to start getting everything ready for interview. 🙄
  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate the work and I'll send you my P3 as soon as I receive, so you can update it
  4. Right. For my case, NOA2 was on Oct 10th. We called the NVC like an hour ago and they said they received the case just yesterday.
  5. Hey everyone! I just got my NOA2 after a RFE and it was so quick actually. Everyone who's waiting for NOA2, just hang in there!
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