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  1. Just an update. I called the USCIS they said change of address request is there but my address not updated in the system yet. If I wanna switch locations for the interview, Tier 2 officer will call me back and I said yes to that. When I asked about e-mail of the call or the service request, she said she's not authorized to that. Thanks for the information. You're right timing could be better and I was wondering if it's gonna effect the case in any way, that's why I'm nervous 😬
  2. I guess I can't contact them with e-mail, only way is calling USCIS. How can I keep records ?
  3. Right, if they ask about it somehow how should I mention about I failed to do it quite some time? I don't wanna lie or try to hide it which it would be a big red flag but I don't wanna have problems about getting the GC. I'll send an email to ask about if my address change is on the records and if the current interview cancelled. Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I am just nervous. Thank you for your time to answer.
  4. Yeah but if they figure it out, is it gonna be a problem? Should I explain myself in the interview and let them know it was unintentional? I'll call in a few days to confirm since I just filed it yesterday.
  5. Hello everyone! I have a problem. When we filed the K1 package my husband was deployed and we used his parents address in Baltimore as mailing address. When we filed the AOS package we kept the same address because we had to move in one month. After that time we moved like 3 times because of my army duty assignments so I didn't want the mails from USCIS got lost so I kept the parents address still. I wasn't aware that I had to let USCIS know the physical address change since the mailing address was gonna stay same. We are living in the Kansas for nearly 7 months now and I got my interview date notice for Baltimore office. I just figured it out that I have to inform them about address change while doing research for AOS interview today and filed the AR-11 immediately. I am freaking out after everything I read about the consequences such as deportation. Can you inform me if anyone had the same thing before? And how the change of address gonna effect my interview in Baltimore? Should I still go there on interview date? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. I just checked the timelines on here, there's not a lot of timelines for the Baltimore office, but I guess it takes nearly 11-12 months. 😕
  7. Is there anyone else who has the Baltimore office as the local office? It's been 240 days since biometrics, and I didn't hear anything about the interview yet.
  8. Hey everyone! My I-765 case status changed and there is a tracking number! I guess my combo card is on the way! Thanks to God, some good news.
  9. Mine is Baltimore ASC too. My biometrics appointment was on Aug 13th, my case status changed to 'Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview' on Aug 18th. I didn't hear anything since then.
  10. I am in the same situation. After a couple days, my I-485 status changed to " Ready to be Scheduled for An Interview" but I-131 is still same. I gave 10 fingerprints with picture so it's like Code 3 and I read from August filers, some officers said it's like an error and they sending everyone Code 2 while it's gotta be Code 3. So I guess it's like this for a lot of us.
  11. Hi, I had the same thing - notice says code 2 but I did all 10 fingers - but lady didn't tell me anything so I don't know if the scanned code is code 3 or not. But the AP status didn't change. So you guys think we still gonna go for another biometric appointment or they gonna use the fingerprints for I-131 too?
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