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  1. Hi everyone! I entered to U.S on March 2nd with K1 visa. My fiancé and I will get married soon but I have a question. I know we need to get married within 90 days of my arrival. But, do we need to apply for the green card within 90 days? There are so many documents for green card and I don’t know if we can apply till May 30.(it’s my 90th days of arrival). We need to gather so many documents till that time. We will do our best to apply before that day but what if we apply on 100 or 120th day of my arrival? Would i be out of status with my k1 visa? Is there any rules about applying for the green card within 90 days of arrival with k1 visa?
  2. If I were you I would stick with K1 because you already submitted and spent time with it you waited for it so far... Spousal visa has way more waiting time than k1 even if covid times makes k1 time more than usual.
  3. Then it’s a great news because it was not 100% certain whether K1 effected or not... Some lawyers say it is effected some say it’s not... So I wasn’t sure. Now it’s certain that K1s are allowed to be processed. I hope U.S. Embassy in Ankara will make an announcemeant about it soon. :))
  4. So as far as i understand by this announcement K1 visas around the world is going to be processing and it depends on the each countries covid conditions. So k1 is not effected by President Trump’s Order and we don’t have to wait till next year. Am I right guys?
  5. I’m in the same situation. We recieved email from NVC with our NVC case number and on March 16th embassy received our petition. But I couldn’t book my appointment yet because I didn’t receive any letter from U.S embassy(Turkey). My NOA2 expires on June 18th and can I request extension with sending an E-MAIL to U.S Embassy? Does my fiancé really have to notarized and sign the extend request?
  6. Anyways, hope the borders will be opened by September.
  7. Yeah I am trying to stay positive and strong... Knowing that it is gonna end eventually makes me feel better 🙂
  8. If they open some of the states gates at the airport, all the immigrants are going to try to entry the country from these gates and it is going to be so crowded, long lines and the customs right? Maybe they open all the gates at the same time to avoid this complication.
  9. I am so sorry to hear that... My fiancé and his family and friends were gonna fly to Istanbul and we were planning a small engagement dinner and our families were gonna meet with each other in person for the first time but we had to cancel it. Cancelling our plans and not seeing your loved one sucks... Not knowing when you will see him the next time sucks more... I really feel you. I’m sure of that this situation is not endless... it will be over eventually. The question is; when?
  10. Your message made me feel that I am not alone. At the 16th of March our case status was “ready” and at that day embassy was closed and we were looking forward to book my appointments and fly to America but it’s been one month my case is just sitting at the embassy... still waiting. That might not make your visa process faster because you are already waiting for the NOA2. Once you have NOa2 to NVC process and embassy receives it I hope this corona nightmare is gonna be gone and you can handle the interview without extra waiting time... 🙂
  11. So many people are planning to fly to u.s this summer and I hope we all will be able to make it.
  12. I hope flights will be okey sooner than that... still can’t believe what is happening in the world, it is like a nightmare!
  13. Hi everyone, I and my fiance applied k1 visa on October and my case is waiting at the U.S. Embassy since 16th of March. I did not receive any e-mail from embassy yet because the Embassy is closed due to Covid-19. I could not book my appointment yet, but i and my fiance think that i will be able to receive my visa and flight to USA by September. Guys,do you think September is early to flight to U.S.A? i am afraid that the virus is not going to be under control during that time and our waiting time is gonna be longer.... What do you guys think?
  14. Ahahahahhh, I didn’t ask your opinion also what are you a lawyer?
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