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  1. Try to send an e-mail to Embassy and in the meantime complete your DS-160 form.
  2. congratulations! that means ankara embassy is back in business. our NOA2 is June 4th but ceac website says it's still at NVC. hopefully they send it soon. good luck with the rest of the interview process, you're almost there 🙏
  3. so happy for you guys ☺️ this also means that ankara embassy is back in business which is good news for all of us. thank you 🙏
  4. hey there just saw the update on your timeline, did your case leave NVC? our NOA2 date is June 4th and CEAC website says it's still at NVC 😔
  5. We got our NOA2 on June 4 but there is no notification from NVC about receiving our case yet. NOA2 indicates that they should be getting it within 30 days. Should we give them a call?
  6. We got the RFE notice on April 8, 2021. First, we found out that we got RFE while I was checking our case status on USCIS website which was saying "Request for Initial Evidence Was Sent". Then we contacted with our attorney who is our point of contact. They received a written RFE Notice via mail and forwarded the scanned copy to us which was indicating what they needed from us. On a side note, we received our RFE after we sent an "inquire outside normal processing time". So you probably want to check your case status on USCIS website with your case number first. If there's a RFE, you should be seeing it on there. Hope everything will be fine for you and your fiance 🙏
  7. Hey there! Well you are right. Even though the USCIS waiting period took way too longer than I expected, now I'm hoping rest of the process will be done in 3 months or so. I'm processing in Turkey and my fiance is also here with me. We are planning to go to the interview together. To be more precise; USCIS asked "Request for Initial Evidence" from us, which was basically a request demanding even more evidence regarding our relationship with my fiance such as more photographs, travel documents etc. We thought the evidence was enough but clearly it wasn't for them so we added more photos with dates on them.We have also added an improvised/more detailed joint statement along with other written and signed statements from our close friends and family members as witnesses of our bona fide relationship.
  8. Got approved, finally. It was delayed due to RFE. NOA1: Aug 21, 2020 NOA2: June 04, 2021 Just hoping that the rest of the process (NVC and consulate) will go smoother and take less time for me and my fiance. Anyone from August '20 filers manage to set up an interview date?
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