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  1. Hello, this is a question regarding Advance Parole, I've read a few threads about it, but my case is a bit more specific, so looking to see if anyone can help. I'm on AOS in the US (from K-1), still waiting for my EAD/AP. My question is, once I get my AP, can I then go away for 3/4 months to go work on a ship? My American husband and I met and worked on cruise hips before moving back to the US, and even though we obviously want to settle in the country asap, going back to work on ships will be the quickest way to earn back some money that we spent recently (immigration, wedding, etc) and certainly easier than job hunting in the US in the near future, especially since the pandemic caused unemployment rates to skyrocket. We also work in the entertainment industry, which has been highly impacted and will take a long time to bounce back. We know cruise ships will take a while to go back in operation too, but we would go back to a former employer, so it would be a sure gig that we know we can go back to (whenever that happens!). Our lawyer says going away on AP should ideally only be for emergencies or or if really necessary, but I thought the whole point was giving people the opportunity to leave while they're waiting for their green card?? Do you think that the pandemic will impact the use of AP? Thank you and hope you are all safe.
  2. That makes sense.Yes, I always though the I-485 would take a long time. A few people have reported here recently that they're interviews have been waived, and they have just been granted the green card, due to the huge backlog caused by Covid19...so, I'll hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi Ayrton, Yes, I saw your previous response, thanks! Gotta wait for that part then....but my question was actually about the travel document and work authorization, as I thought I would get a notice about that first, before I hearing anything about the interview, so that's why I'm a bit confused...
  4. OMG congrats! Question, had you also filed for work authorization and travel authorization? If so, did you get those approved before this? Because online my work authorization and travel document are still processing, but the I-485 has been updated to say it says they are going to schedule me for an interview - " Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview - As of May 6, 2020, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number XXXXXX, for an interview. We will schedule your interview and send you a notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice." I thought I would get the travel document and work authorization first, with 4-7 months, and the actual green card much later??
  5. I got this exact same message on the website, but still nothing in the mail, but it's only been a few days. Did you get any other updates on the travel document or work authorization, etc? Because for those, the message says it's still processing/fingerprints were added, which I find weird, because I thought those would be updated/granted first, BEFORE the form I-485?
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently on AOS from K1, filled it at the end of January, had my Biometrics taken, but apart from that I'm still waiting. I live in NYC, which has a specific (and amazing) healthcare program for immigrants and other people who cannot get health insurance. It's called NYC Care, and in addition to emergency Medicaid, i can also have access to health care (appointments, prescriptions, etc) at no or very little cost (as I currently have no income because I'm still waiting for mr work authorization). I have just recently heard about the "Public Charge" Rule that has been implemented recently, and I was wondering whether the fact that I am registered for emergency Medicaid and NYC Care will negatively impact my application for a Green Card? I know the Mayor has made a statement saying any immigrants that need medical assistance due to COVID 19 will not be judged under this new public charge rule, but not sure if this rule will affect me if I use the health care system for any non-Covid 19 issue? I have not made use of the services yet, haven't gone to any medical appointments or anything as I didn't need anything so far, but I am registered in the system. Thank you and hope you're all staying safe!
  7. Oh perfect! Yes, if you already have a SSN that's an even better way to start!
  8. Credit Scores are country-specific, i.e. you CANNOT transfer your credit score from Portugal or any other country to the US, you have to start from scratch in the US. I lived on the UK for 12 years, built a good credit score, but unfortunately that does not transfer over to the US.It will be hard to get a credit card when you move, as you will have no credit history, and before you get your SSN, but it is possible to start building it by getting a secured card. It's kind of like a credit card, but a lot more restrictive. But you can start building you credit score with it. I got one from Bank of America, you don't need to have a bank account with them or a SSN, you just need proof of address in the US. It's going well so far for me, and in a few months I I should be eligible for a normal credit card. Good Luck!
  9. Hi everyone! 😊Would really appreciate it if any Portuguese people could get in touch with me and share their K-1 journey. 



  10. Hi. I am a Portuguese citizen and I have been waiting to book my K-1 interview at the Paris consulate (that's where they send us, as they don't do these interviews in Portugal anymore). After over a week of "no available appointments" online, finally managed to book an appointment today (8th Sep 2019), but the earliest date that I could book was JANUARY 2020!! Has anyone else from Portugal been given an appointment date 4 MONTHS away?? Is this normal? My lawyer has asked to reschedule...has anyone else been able to successfully re-schedule their interview for an earlier date? Thank you in advance for any feedback, comments, etc Panicking that I have to put my life on hold for another 4 months! was not anticipating this...
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