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  1. I am one of the people who had trouble rescheduling. We got our original date within 2 weeks of our case arriving at the consulate, but it took many months to get a new date. By not using our original date, we were pushed to "the back of the line" it seems -- applicants whose cases arrived at the consulate months after ours got interview dates before us. The main issue that I and others here had was that the the only email contact capable of giving a new date was (still is?) extremely unresponsive. K-1 reschedules cannot be done over the phone or through an online portal. Despite being officially classified as non-immigrant, K-1s are treated as immigrant visas (applicants are told to contact the same email (ParisIVPending) as Immigrant visas, the CEAC tracker requires using the "immigrant" vs "non-immigrant" portal, etc.)... the classification gets a bit tricky. We are together now in the US and getting married in 2 days so everything worked out in the end, but if we could go back in time we would've forced our original interview date to work. Rescheduling was probably the worst part of the visa process for us. Edit: I believe the rescheduling issue would be the same for the CR-1, as I was told that K-1s are treated as immigrant visas when it comes to interviews by more than one embassy employee.
  2. The beneficiary has his K-1 visa in hand and will be entering the US on Friday. He needs to fill out a passenger locator form for transiting in the UK, and it asks for home address. Should he put the US address he will be residing at, or his address in his home country that he is moving from? In other words, at what point does he begin to use the US address he will reside at as his "home address"?
  3. I believe he was able to get an international birth certificate in English a few months ago in Porto, no separate translation company needed. He needed an appointment, and when he went to book an appointment last month to get another just in case, the only available options were in December. I'll have him check again, maybe they're allowing walk-ins in Porto now? Thank you for your input!
  4. @JobbinsKnobbins When you received the visa, did you get your birth certificate back? Just now realizing that my fiancé gave the only English certified copy he has to the embassy at the interview, and it was not given back to him at the end. We need one to apply for a marriage license once he arrives and there don't seem to be any appointments available to receive a new one until after his visa expires, so a little worried right now.
  5. My fiancé had his exam in Lisbon, with Marta Monteiro. https://fr.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/Portuguese-panel-physician-letter-2020.pdf Dra. Marta Monteiro Clínica do Campo Grande Campo Grance 54A 1700-093 Lisboa (Portugal) Telefone: (+351) 21 040 55 00 Fax: (+351) 21 797 44 81 Email : clinica@hslouis.pt
  6. The timeline start to finish is very country dependent, as at this point the COVID related delays are at the embassy level, not USCIS. VJ has historical processing times for both: You can also view country specific timelines of members currently undergoing the process in India: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?op6=All&op7=India For some countries, the CR-1 is quicker right now due to CR-1s receiving more visa appointments. For others, the K-1 is still the quicker option. Neither one, however, is really that "quick" -- you can expect over a year for either option. I know there's a pros/cons list of each visa that gets posted here quite often, and the CR-1 visa is often seen as better for the beneficiary. If you're insistent on living together in America right at the time you're married, though, K-1 is your only option.
  7. CEAC status changed to "Issued"! It seems like that means the visa has been printed, and they'll ship it out soon.
  8. 1. What arrived at the embassy is not an approved K-1, it is an approved i-129f, as the K-1 is not approved until the interview. 2. If I'm understanding your post correctly, your case has only been at the embassy for 4 business days. This is NOT very long at all. It often takes 2 weeks or so to hear from any embassy after they receive the case from the NVC. In my situation with the Paris embassy, it took several weeks to get a welcome letter/interview date. 3. It is way too premature to contact a congressman. Even if you did get one to write a letter, they'd get the same response as you would -- be patient. The only advice anyone could give right now, including the embassy, is be patient. They haven't forgotten about you, visas take time. There is no reason to be concerned yet.
  9. My fiancé was approved! He was told the visa would be printed today, and he'd receive it "very soon".
  10. Just posting an update: My fiancé arrived in Paris today, his interview is tomorrow morning. He stopped at the post office for the Chronopost envelope and they only had a size that is slightly larger than the 25x36cm requested. It was 60 euros! More expensive than his round trip from Porto to Paris. I saw that some of the French applicants who interviewed on October 6th already got their visas, I'm wondering how long it is taking for Portuguese applicants? With the border opening announced for Nov 8th for vaccinated travelers, flight prices are skyrocketing. We already had a travel voucher from a previous cancelled trip so we booked a flexible flight for late/mid November to try and get ahead of the prices. Hoping we won't have to move it.
  11. 6 days until my fiancé's interview and we haven't heard anything about postponing, so I'm going to assume we're still good for the 20th. For those who have already interviewed in Paris from Portugal, was your COVID-19 test antigen or PCR? How soon before your interview did you get tested?
  12. I never actually proceeded with a lawyer, the advice I got was nothing more than a first time consultation. During that consultation, I was told that my options were: 1. Continue to email the embassy 2. Individual mandamus (they quoted me $7500) 3. Try to switch embassies (beneficiary is also a Brazilian national, but the embassy in Brazil is even slower right now) I opted for the first. There was nothing else the lawyer could do that would speed up the process. You could also try to contact stateside congressmen to write a letter to the embassy.
  13. Congrats!! I'm surprised they changed your interview date on such a short notice, especially coming from Portugal. Hoping my October 20th date won't get pushed back, I'm not sure that the accommodations or flights we booked are refundable or changeable.
  14. As I said earlier in this thread, we originally had an interview date for June 22nd, given with about 3 weeks notice. We couldn't attend, so we missed it. We then spent the next few months trying to get a reschedule. I received the email informing me of the October 20th interview in late July.
  15. Given K-1 visas have had NIE status since April, and CR-1 visas have never been impacted by the bans, I don't think that there will be much change in November. I think the reasons it is so slow right now are: 1) The Embassy is very backed up from all of the shutdowns that have happened in Paris since March 2020 2) They are not in any rush to clear the backlog 3) The embassy is understaffed and there continues to be periods of time where employees work from home or don't work at all
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