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  1. We're only filling the K1 in the next few weeks. I'm just preparing myself for the EAD and how to expedite it.
  2. So me and my girlfriend are gonna file the K1 in the next few weeks, however, I sent her the documents a while ago, so my letter of intent to marry is from the 10th of October. Should I send her a more up to date one or are we fine?
  3. In Page 5, Part 2 Question 12a did you guys leave it blank if the address is the same as Question 11a?
  4. I understand that, I have been on VJ for a couple months but I decided I will update my timeline once we file our K1 petition at the end of this month.
  5. I am yet to know, sorry! We're gonna file very soon, but that is what I did.
  6. This happened to me too as I had a lot of addresses to write down. I just added multiple "13th pages".
  7. Sorry I meant to ask if that date is the prediction for the NOA2
  8. You mean the period after summer and before November?
  9. Very cool explanation! Haha But something I don't understand is, these faster processing times are for applications that are pretty straight forward or all of them included? When we read cases that take, let's say 6 months from NOA1 to Interview, is it for applications without RFE, etc etc?
  10. Do you think it will slow down a bit now with Christmas and other holidays coming up?
  11. What is the actual explanation for K1 Visas being processed a little faster recently?
  12. Thanks for the advice! I actually already have an SSN from previous employment in the US, so I am gonna be added to my girlfriend's credit card as an authorized user and start from there.
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