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    started talking on facebook november 21, 2010 after both our ex's cheated on us..put status on facebook as in relationship to get back at our ex's.we then got serious.got in serious relationship june 20, 2011. went to the philippines november 5th, 2013 and got married november 14, 2013.a week before her birthday..making that 3 years after we first started talking :)

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  1. nathanp

    Returning from the Philippines

    that sounds like the waiver for it as it was probably included in the ticket price.i wondered that about my wife and daughter but wasnt sure.i may need to call cathay pacific to find out if it was.i will inform my wife about this as well.i did tell her she may need to call or go in person.hopefully there will be atm access if needed and they dont accept debit card for the fees.thank you
  2. nathanp

    Returning from the Philippines

    My wife and our 8 month old daughter will be returning back to the US in a few days. i am trying to figure out what the fees are for Cebu Airport? my wife is a green card holder. our daughter is a US born Citizen. tickets were purchased online here in the states and are a round trip. i read different info so anyone who has recently done this or knows for sure please let me know. i am confused on what i have found so far. thanks in advance for replies
  3. i personally would wait until the new tax transcript comes in.when i filed it was for the last 3 years.so if you wait until 2017 season then just send 2015,2016,2017 together. the transcript should be available immediately if done online.the following link has the info and links to do so. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/request-a-transcript-or-copy-of-a-prior-year-tax-return my wife waited i think a week if not sooner for her interview in Manila.i cant remember exactly.i think we had to change it at 1 point as some documents were not in order.you can go to the website and see what dates are available. (i forgot the link) i do know you want to be here asap and get everything done.but i will say take your time.it took my wife and i 2 and a half years to get her here.its all worth it.shes been here almost 2 years..shes now back in the Philippines with our 8 month old daughter visiting her family.she will fly back here in a few days.
  4. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    oh awesome.thank you.that works out perfectly
  5. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    ah yes. in fact i think she will carry a few extra documents just in case. before i forget.would our daughter need a visa for her stay or it wouldnt matter?
  6. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    my wife knows both places.Trento is about 2 hours from where she will stay in Bayugan City.shes getting excited about going back and her side of the family meeting our daughter.
  7. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    i didnt think about that. Glad this was brought up. she will be most likely laying over in China somewhere.not sure where exactly yet.
  8. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    shes from Agusan Del Sur but had been living in Manila when she was 14.
  9. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    thank you. thats exactly what we will do. found a form online with the information and will be notarizing it today. again i appreciate it.
  10. nathanp

    Philippines Travel with infant

    what is the required documents for my wife to travel to the Philippines with our 7 month old daughter? my wife is a Filipino citizen at this time. she has Philippine passport with her married last name as well as green card with her married last name. our daughter has passport and birth certificate. they will be traveling to provinces for a month. i was asked about having something from me stating i agree to the outside travel. anyone know where i get this form? and any other documents to bring? thank you all Nathan PS please Mods put this in the correct forum sub for me.