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  1. I think it depends when this happens, you can always file with a divorce waiver. It's still up to you to provide evidence that you entered the marriage in good faith (bona-fide) There are probably others that can answer this question better than I can.
  2. Just received notice today from USCIS that my I-129f has been approved!! E-mail and text message. Letter to arrive later.
  3. Gregor Hanston

    K2 Fees Explained

    If I recall correctly, for NVC fees it is $265 per visa on the K visas. So your fiancée and her kid would be $530 all in all. Hank has a great website for this information. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ph-niv-visafeeinfo.asp http://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/k-1-visa-application.html
  4. Gregor Hanston

    credit card company/spam

    I have received those calls too from someone claiming I called him. There are scammers out there that are spoofing cell phone numbers then call other cell phones. It's a hassle and even blocking won't do much good, they just make a new one.
  5. Gregor Hanston

    USPS Concerns

    I sent my I 129F to Dallas lockbox via USPS. They lost it. I did the retrieve package should it ever pop up again. But in 4 months it hasn't shown up. Give it awhile before panicking. I gave them about a week before I started making phone calls. If you sent a check you can always check to see if it was cashed, which would be a good sign.
  6. Gregor Hanston

    DS-160 Questions

    Pretty sure you can fill out another DS-160. Not sure on the mother's full name, but I don't think you would put her maiden name on there. Immediate relatives would be by blood. Fiancée wouldn't count because you are not family, at least not yet. But if he has a sister or brother in the US I would put yes.
  7. According to the text it's my official receipt notice Form I-797 will follow in the mail.
  8. Sent via UPS since my USPS one was lost (previously stated) Sent out on August 10th Delivered to USCIS on August 14th Received text from USCIS August 17th Here we go for the long road ahead.
  9. If he sent it USPS he can put a stop to the package and have it sent back to him. It cost me about $13 US and they don't even have a clue where mine is. It's a just in case it pops up again. https://retail-pi.usps.com/retailpi/actions/index.action
  10. Well USPS lost my submission, so it looks like the end of this week I'll be filing again. Thank God I had another copy. Just busy work making another copy for my fiancé.... UPS here I come. Part that stinks is that I had to pay to potentially get my package back (if it's found).
  11. Sent mine in today, 7/17 USPS Priority mail. Should arrive this Thursday. Good luck to all. Very anxious, but I know it's all worthwhile.
  12. Gregor Hanston

    K1 with K2 visa questions

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read/respond, I am new here but I've done a lot of reading through this site, but haven't found a topic on my question. I haven't filed my I-129F yet, but I plan to shortly. I do have a couple questions that I am hoping can be answered: 1: This is a 3 part question: My fiancée has a 4 year old daughter that will be included on the I-129F petition. I want to know if I need her daughters passport photo, like I do for my beneficiary? And also does her daughter need a passport? And the daughters father is on the birth certificate, even though my fiancée and him never married, I did see her CENOMAR when I was in Cebu. Will this cause and issue? I have asked my fiancée to inquire with her uncle who is an attorney. 2: How important is job history and places where she has lived over the past 5 years? She has bounced back and forth from Mindinao and Cebu to earn money for the family and her daughter. She doesn't remember every place that she has lived or address of jobs. I have gotten a few addresses from her so I will include those, mostly job agencies. She has never worked or been outside the Philippines. I did tell her if they ask at her interview to tell the CO the truth, that she doesn't remember every place she has lived. Thank you again for your assistance and answers. I appreciate it.