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  1. Hi! Can anybody share your experience during departure from your country to US with Covid19 negative results? Did u just showed the result on the paper did they called the hospital or scan something? Specifically Qatar airlines.
  2. You’re fine. They kept your passport that’s good sign 👍🏻 Let’s cheers to that 🥳🍻
  3. Thank you! Yes most of the questions were about my overstayed lol took more than an hour because the consul seems like had to ask the other consuls regarding about my situation as I was just looking at them by the window praying it will be positive result. He had to hold me many times to check something in and out of his cubicle 🤷🏻‍♀️ But then my heart started to beat again when he finally said my passport will deliver with the visa in 2-3wks. ❤️😍 and upon checking my ceac status says issued, 3 hrs after my interview!
  4. Wow! That’s so great to know. Congrats 😊 I’m happy to see the result.. may I know how long did you overstayed before? And when did you left usa?
  5. He everyone! I had my internship wayback 2015-2016 but couldn’t find my ds2019. I’m in process of my CR1 visa at the moment. Where can i get a copy of it, I might need it later? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone! I overstayed my j1 visa for 10 months because I was pregnant and had to born my baby in USA. I went home to my country voluntarily, 3.8 years already. Now I’m in process of CR1 visa will have my interview probably next month. My question is do u guys think I still need a waiver? 212 or 601? Or do u think I will be AP for a long time? I’m very anxious. Thank you! 🙂
  7. Am I still able to return to the US after 3 years barred without waiver? I was pregnant and waited til i born my baby in the US so overstayed my j1 visa for 10months. Now my husband filed for i130 cr1 visa for me to finally be together again. It’s been 3 years since i left usa and wondering if i need a waiver.
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