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  1. Finally got our I-824 approved our case was moved to the NVC finally. Long wait. I am doing a Cr1 visa to get my husband to the United States. My grandpa will be my joint sponsor. I live with my grandpa and my grandma I am a dependent on their taxes On the taxes my grandpa and grandma file jointly. I have adoption papers. I am wondering if my grandpa will be my joint sponsor or if they both will be my joint sponsor? Or would they be counted as household member? who contributes to the expenses? I am stuck on that part. I’ve been reading and it says that a joint sponsor must independently prove that they are financially responsible. A household member is someone who you live with and contributes to the overall house expenses. If anyone could explain and let me know which one to fill out that would be great!
  2. awful news. Form messed up. Now have to file I-824 . Has anyone filed this form . If so how do I complete that correctly? How long did it take for yours to get approved?
  3. Best Birthday present that came late. We got our approval letter in the mail today. Our date was July 20, 2018 and our NoA2 September 3, 2019
  4. Have you been approved yet? 

  5. Still waiting and nothing yet. I see people in August that have already got a letter of approval and I'm still waiting. I just wanna get to the NVC stage... This waiting is driving me insane
  6. Okay. I called USCIS and the automatic voice said - can’t talk to a representative right now... so I’m going to call later. This is crazy- it is taking so long.
  7. did you call USCIS on the regular? I want to know the status on my case. However, my lawyer said that if I keep calling they would push the case back.
  8. Today marks one year... One year ago we got our receipt number... and today we got nothing. Still no approval...
  9. Called once - lady said our case was approved —————————————— waited a week and nothing in the mail. —————————— called again and this lady said it’s still at Nebraska Service Center. ——————————- currently 358 days 11 months and 24 days ::::::::::::::::::::: NOTHING 😢
  10. just called uscis another agent said that it is still at Nebraska... So now I'm just confused...
  11. She said something along the lines ... if your case came to us NVC would have to request that... it was strange. If no approval in 10 days I will call back ... I just hope we are approved!!!
  12. From my message above... do you think I’m approved by what the operator said??
  13. I called USCIS and asked them what is the status of case and the conversation went like this me: Could you please tell me the status of my case Operator: Yes sure ... okay it looks like it NVC the National visa center me: Oh thats great but I have not got an approval on the website or in the mail Operator: Oh okay me: Can you tell me when they should mail that out... Operator: I do not know for sure me: okay can you tell me when it got approved please Operator: I do not know but in order for us to know NVC would have to submit a request and then we would be able to see it... me: okay thank you.. Ill call NVC and check there Do this seem weird to you... I have not received approval on the website or in the mail... Does this mean I am approved or not... Should I call back tomorrow or in a week to give it time... I just confused ...
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