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  1. Hey so when i try to view/update my timeline it comes up saying its been duplicated and to contact admin to fix it. I cant find a contact admin services button or anything so I'm throwing it out here to see if anyone can help. Thanks in advance
  2. Glad it went well for you. I'd have been quite wary about starting that 6 month countdown but I hope its all fine for you by then
  3. Nah I know, I'm a microbiologist. I was hoping to get it out of the way before the infection reached anywhere close to a peak but it's becoming more and more unlikely. Like I said, on hold for the time being.
  4. I have all the necessary documentation for everything to go ahead as previously planned. My initial plan was to get a flight, then that looked risky I also considered train from glasgow but quite frankly I'm immunocompromised and the thought of public transport right now is a concern. Ultimately if I needed to I was going to drive with my dad but honestly, all options arent great clearly. I think on hold is the best plan of action
  5. Huh the timeline is erroring for me too, dont know what that's all about. We got the case number at the end of February, on the ceac website it said "Ready" for booking medical and interview but I havent received any correspondence from the london embassy yet. I'm not sure how premature that's considered by attempting to start stuff now. Irrelevant now I guess since its put on hold.
  6. Come back in 2 months when I've graduated uni and nothing to distract me from the distance anymore, we'll see how positive I am then 😭 Thanks though, I hope everything works out for you
  7. Well, exactly. In thinking about it, I've decided to just put a hold on things. I dont want to waste money just for this whole thing to last months and to expire. I have to assume any delays necessary will be approved due to the fact this is all out with our control. We've waited almost 4 years, we can wait until this pandemic is dealt with and things have returned to mostly normal.
  8. Ok, so with everything going on I need some outside perspective. I just got my case number, applied for DS-160 and was planning on booking medical/interview today. I've seen embassy closures elsewhere and even if the medical facility stays open, its starts a clock of 6 months. So do I book the medical and hope the embassy stays open or do I risk hoping in a few months things will have calmed down and 6 months is enough to do the interview when embassy reopens. Really wish the UK government would release their timelines for planned closures of things. Or wait. Which is difficult to even type lol. Any input before I start making calls would be appreciated
  9. Thanks! I already called my doctor and arranged to get it next week 😂
  10. Hey I havent seen this said anywhere else that it has to have a booster within 10 years? Where does it say that?
  11. Hey I haven't posted much but I know a lot of people are still waiting and just wanted to let ya know we were approved today Noa1: 7th October Noa2: 31st January Good luck people, the wait is worth it
  12. Hi so, time is approaching where we are expecting the NOA2 and I need to start planning medical and interview stuff. I was wondering how long it usually is between the medical and interview? I need to travel to London from Scotland, so I need to fit in travel around uni and it's just a hassle so the more I know in advance, the better. How soon after the NOA2 is received can I schedule the medical roughly? And based on your experience how long was the wait between medical and results, and then consequently your interview? Thank you for any replies
  13. Thank you everyone for the replies. Its looking probable the person I spoke to had a poor scheduling of labs throughout his course. I'm not sure which college he went to, it was just a general conversation rather than a grilling of his education lol Definitely not underestimating this, hence trying to gather as much info as possible a year in advance of moving. This is much more reflective of my own degree and honestly what I assumed the base standard was across the board before talking to this person. I feel I should just disregard what he said and act as though I'm either at the same level or below native applicants.
  14. Honestly as long is the job is in the field I worked so hard for, entry level is fine with me. I just dont want it to be a waste of time. I know its all hypothetical and I just have to wait and see what the job market is like at the time, wont stop me from worrying lol
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