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  1. They gave me the cd back at the interview. The brown envelope came with the white envelope and passport via courier..
  2. Hi, can anyone from London (k1) advise on the pictures? So nothing is written on the brown envelope apart from "medical copies" it is stamped on the seal with a signature over it so you can see if it has been opened. Not sure if to keep, hand in at POE, send in with I-485. Received zero response from the embassy/knightsbridge. Any thoughts? Thank you
  3. Ask to speak to the practice manager..I had issue's trying to get record's/letter from my doctors (they were just very very slow with returning information I needed). Had to call up numerous times. In the end went into the GP and waited to speak to the practice manager..it worked. Maybe try that?
  4. London won't deny over that, like you said they will put you in administrative processing and await the results from the Medical then approve once everything has been received (if they don't have the information on Monday)
  5. I got mine around 5pm. Dates for the whole of November where put up on the 1st October, around 4pm ish I noticed. Cancellations can pop up at anytime. But new appointments from the embassy are Mon to Fri working hour's (just what I noticed when searching)
  6. I checked about 10 times each day for appointments (cancellations appear all the time) also I would expect over the next week/two for December appointments if they have not already been populated already. Have you booked in your medical?
  7. It was ok, not as bad as I thought it was going to be. If you go prepared then that will help, hopefully in preventing any delay with having to get any info from GP or vaccinations ect
  8. Do the medical, I had mine today and booked interview for 4th Nov so a good 5 working days for medical to be sent over to the embassy.
  9. Nope, wasn't missing any. Got them all prior to the medical as didn't want the hassle of getting them at medical or later on down the road. Did see a few people coming out the room though with a plaster on their arm ( suggesting they had shots done on the day)
  10. Medical today took roughly 90 minutes and cost £350. At the fron desk they ask for police report, passport, letter confirming your case number from London, vaccination record, general GP record ( did not ask for previous minor problems or medicine list) and 4 passport pictures. They give you a clipboard with a questionnaire on (yes/no tick boxes), if you have any mental health issues no matter how small then I recommend getting a letter from the doctors to take with you. In the 1st room the doctor goes over the questionnaire, takes your weight, height, eye test, listens to your breathing, checked both arms, felt my stomach, took bloods and checked knees. 2nd room the chest xray is done, 3rd room any vaccinations are done. In-between you wait in the waiting room, after all 3 rooms have been completed they then call you back to reception, give you a form with vaccinations on to take home to use for adjustment of states in the states and you pay. Should take roughly 5 working days to send to embassy and the medical will contact you in anything is wrong.
  11. Thank you so much for the response. I have registered as per step 1 already (followed that instruction page) but I'll hold off paying the fees/booking in interview (assuming this is ok to leave the account open as it is). Waiting on the rest of my shots to be done over the next few weeks (already booked in with the GP) so I'll call the medical place and book in an appointment once this has all be updated on medical files, then book an interview on that online portal for a week/two after the medical. Does that seem ok leaving the pay fee section open for a few weeks? Thanks once again for the advice! Greatly appreciated 🙏
  12. Hi All, Hoping someone can clarify. So I have submitted my DS-160 and created an account on ais.usvisa. So this is where I am now confused, it is asking me to pay visa fees but I thought this was done after selecting an interview date? Does this need to be paid now to move onto the next step? Also I have been reading different UK embassy pages it says the embassy will send you an interview date? And other pages it says interview dates will come up online through that ais.usvisa site which you then book. Can anyone clarify? Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I haven't filled out my ds-160 and it is now in transit. I don't think it matters if you complete it now or in transit..as long as it is done before scheduling an interview?.. mmm
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