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  1. I was going to request an expedite and your testimony encourages me even more to try. I will call USCIS tomorrow and see. My sister is getting married this summer and if I miss it because of paperwork it will be a hard pill to swallow (still trying to cope with the fact that our religious wedding got cancelled because of delays to receive AP cards). Thank you very much for your words of support, it is very helpful to feel we are not alone going through this
  2. Yes that's what I was thinking; the 3 years are from when I can apply after mariage if I understand correctly
  3. That was definitely our initial plan but my husband he is not so attached to staying in his own country so it doesn't help to convince me! We will give it some time and see. We can apply for citizenship 3 years after marriage right ? The US made more sense for us too but we're just thinking is it worth it anymore if I am so terrible ? That's not a way to live life, time is too precious (now that we are married he can basically have a visa in most european countries).
  4. Yes we are aware that is why I am more hesitant that my husband but he is much more of a free spirit than me
  5. We were thinking about moving to the east coast to make trip to Europe easier. For now we cannot as my husband is finishing his credential and it is with Sacramento City. But also we are thinking moving back to Europe all together as you said, we do not feel US is the best place to raise our daughter. I am actually the one who wants to stay a little longer in the US as the process to get here was so long and painful i feel it will be a waste to have done all of this to stay just for two years but my husband is more leaning towards taking a chance and making changes if we really feel the US is not a place for us. We will keep thinking and see how things evolve!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. I am definitely looking forward to be back at work and have a more balanced life! Good luck with your baby projects and do not hesitate if you need support, I've been there
  7. My husband wants to go on roadtrips too, I think it is a great idea for sure! looking forward for his summer break so we can explore! This is actually something I am so excited about, discover all the diversity of landscapes the US has to offer.
  8. Hello! Thank you for commenting and sharing. We moved to a part of the city I feel more comfortable with and I will walk more for sure, this is something I am NOT ready to give up ^^. Everytime I need to go somewhere my first thing is to check if I can walk instead of drive. We were supposed to have our church wedding this summer but it got cancelled because I have no ideas when I will get my advance parole but for sure I plan to go back home hopefully by the end of this year! Anyways I will find my way rhythm at some point and settle. What's surprising to me is when I moved to Japan on my own it felt like home from the very first day, I was walking around all the time even super late at night, connected with people quite easily and quickly. But for this experience is different, not being able to work is socially difficult because its doesnt allow to build relationship. Looking forward to be able to go back to work!
  9. I am so glad to read your story and see that things got good over time. I think part of the difficulty for me is definitely linked to the post partum and not having my family around in such a new stage of life. Gives me hope that I will embrace this new life and find a way to make it mine one day!
  10. Yes I am aware of it, i've used when I lived overseas to meet with people but nowadays with covid it is mostly remote event but I will for sure give it a try once I feel comofortable socializing!
  11. Thank you very much for the idea, I will definitely look into it.
  12. Overall, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reply to my post. Reading your kind words and personal experiences was very helpful to help me see the bright side and find ways to embrace this new life. Very nice to know there is such a great community on visa journey where you can find some support when times are hard.
  13. Thanks for the idea! I actually really like it and would love to find something to do to help but I am wondering, can I volunteer even without my work authorization ?
  14. Thank you for your kinds words and congratulations! I guess our babys are born around the same time, our little girl is 5,5months
  15. Thanks for sharing! I lived in Japan as well and it was definitely an adjustment but somehow easier than moving to the US and I didn't speak any Japanese, moved on my own etc etc. you'll think that Europe and US are more similar in a way so the adaptation will be easier but not so much for me. I guess it depends what lifestyle you are into and how you adapt to each country.
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