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    high school mates but never hit it off then. met again in 2016 and her eyes mesmerized me. she is free and i'm free so we hit it off. never looked back and planning to be together forever. ;)

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  1. 1 - i have my petitioner's original certificate just in case. 2 - i photocopied my k2's birth certificate in a normal 8x11 paper (shrinked) and his original is the long form.
  2. you are on the right place. when we found the november dates opened up, we posted this in here... done with my medical last tuesday. dr mascarenhas is awesome! just took longer than expected in the lifelabs for the blood draw - too many walk-ins that day. medical done in 2hrs. green p parking conveniently located in front of the clinic. waiting for my interview in nov 6! see you there guys!
  3. is that in DS-160 form? if it is, put in Canada since that's where you live now. there will be another question which will ask you if you have another citizenship/passport from another country and that's where you will place Pakistan. if it's not in the DS-160 form, i'll still put in Canada as country of origin because this is where you live now. hope this helps.
  4. the commissionaires won't be sending you the certificate. they will forward your application to RCMP and once RCMP is done with their checks, they will issue your certificate and mail it to you. i did mine with novel notary and i received the RCMP certificate in 1.5weeks. i only need the certificate for my interview as indicated in packet 3/4. nvc never asked for any documents in our case.
  5. the problem as well in rescheduling is that you have to give out your spot first before you can see the available spots. im not 100% sure about this but only read it somewhere here that that is the process of rescheduling.
  6. congrats! sigh of relief i bet. but not yet done for sure. good luck!
  7. the above link won't give you the right police certificate that the canadian consulate requests for. pls do not request for this. what you need is this: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/steps-getting-a-certified-criminal-record-check as a summary, process is: 1 - go to a fingerprinting company accredited by RCMP - search the web. in my case, i went to novel notary services which is conveniently located near my home. 2 - this company will get you to fill up the form, get your photo, get your fingerprint, and GET YOUR MONEY (about $50-60)! LOL make sure that you indicate UNDER PRIVACY ACT and RCMP National Repository entire holdings. Read the US gov instructions for details. Print it if needed so you can show the guy the instructions. but i bet they already know about this. we are not the first one to request such. hehehehe 3 - they will send the forms to RCMP for processing. 4 - wait for the certificate to arrive in the mail. mine arrived less than 2 weeks since i have no criminal records. good luck!
  8. lucky you! some of us here kept on checking the website everyday and refreshing the page every 20 or so minutes until that fateful day and time that the consulate opened up spots.
  9. i believe the only spot that you'll be able to see is the earliest available one. no option to view other spots. not 100% sure on this because when we saw there is 1 available spot, we just grabbed it, paid, and jumped for joy!
  10. totally agree with this. regardless of terms used - solid proof, evidence, etc - if you can provide more supporting documents, then do so. we are at the mercy of USCIS' judgement. some of us here had an RFE in providing the usual template for the intent to marry letter. so we can't really predict what can happen. denial because of not submitting pictures? shallow.
  11. pictures alone are not. but if you add plane tickets and other circumstances of the meeting, don't you think it will be a solid proof? if you re-read my inputs, pictures TOGETHER with other stuff will be solid proof.
  12. why not? staple it together with the plane tickets/bus fare tickets of the meet up and it will be a solid proof of meeting face to face.
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