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  1. Thanks, looks like none of the embassies are providing regular services. I believe phase 3 would not come soon, hoping july could bring some hope.
  2. I believe they are doing this because of the travel ban for the countries issued (China, schengen, Brazil) and not for the ones who are not in the travel ban. Countries excluded will eventually proceed and issue k1's i guess!
  3. How were you able to add your email in their attention?
  4. Just search Canadian k1 and spousal visa and request to join the group. And Amanda Evans will approve you ASAP and you can have all your answers there.
  5. You can join the Canadian k1 and spousal visa group on Facebook and then post this. The group has a lot of experienced people and they’ll help you in every way.
  6. When were you able to get visa on hand after the interview?
  7. Yes you’ll be issued by next week. Good luck mostly people see that issued In less than a week. you can also ask for people’s opinions on the Facebook group.
  8. Yeah mostly all people I’ve connected who weren’t born here were asked about the status through email but looks like for your case they didn’t ask for it.
  9. I mean after how long did you get the request to provide your status in Canada before P3?
  10. You were Canadian born or you acquired Canadian citizenship? Because if u acquire they ask for the proof of legal status and takes longer to issue so how was your case?
  11. What I read was 2-4 weeks, it could be more but I am not sure why some people have to go through this. It seems pretty random even after providing police clearance and everything. Hope you get your visa soon.
  12. It applies to some people from Mexico or countries in middle eastern or India but not all receive this as what I read. It could take up to 2-4 weeks for them to get back the security clearance before issuing the visa. What email and questions your fiancé received after his interview?
  13. Hey guys, Would it be enough for me to take my fiancé’s latest IRS transcript with I134 to Montreal as the previous year she didn’t make enough to pass the poverty guideline. Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks
  14. Thank you for your reply, another question is when did you had your interview and when tracking the case on ceac website should I select immigrant visa or non immigrant visa link?
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