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    Rhea10 reacted to Lucky Cat in ROC form sent early but Check was cashed   
    She filed too early.....expect a rejection.........it could take a month.....
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    Rhea10 reacted to tu2008 in Checklist of my documents   
    Looks good.  I would rearrange the order. Most important first.
    Copy of front and back of green card first.
    Next most important are the lease agreement  with both names on it showing cohabitation and joint bank accounts showing co-mingling of finances, followed by tax transcripts.
    If you have copies of advance healthcare directives, that is vital too. Beneficiary designations for life insurance and retirement accounts are good too.
    Rest of the evidence is more or less filler but it is always good to send it. 
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    Rhea10 reacted to agripa in Checklist of my documents   
    I'm assuming you would've filed state taxes? I would include copies of your state tax returns.
    With things like utility statements, bank account statements, and credit card statements, I would recommend providing statements for like once every 2-3 months for the entire duration of your time in the US. There are no hard guidelines form USCIS, but I prefer to provide more evidence when possible. Having statements spanning your entire stay in the US, to me, shows ongoing co-mingling of finances.
    Other things to consider adding:
    Do you use a common automobile? If so consider adding the following items (you may not have all of these things): Copy of driver's licenses showing same address. Copy of insurance bills showing both of your names. Automobile insurance ID cards with both of your names. Joint title to car. Joint membership to roadside assistance. Interested in setting up the following legal documents (can be done through a website like LegalZoom)? Power of attorney agreements. Health care directives. Will. These are just suggestions. You're evidence looks solid!
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    Rhea10 reacted to aANDg in Checklist of my documents   
    This looks great! Good luck on your application.
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    Rhea10 got a reaction from kline19 in Prepare for ROC: couple who live with parents in law   
    I've read similar cases long time ago. You can ask your parents-in-law to write a letter for you stating that both you and your husband live with them. Of course, make sure to have all the other strong evidences, like the joint financial stuffs or documents that would verify that you and your husband live in the same address. As long as you have that then there's really nothing to worry about.
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    Rhea10 got a reaction from Laststop in Checklist of my documents   
    I would appreciate everyone who would read this long post but I want to be extra sure before sending my file. I have a checklist of the evidences I am going to enclose with my ROC, can you please tell me if I'm good to go or still need some things to add or remove? Here's the list:
    1. Benefits Statements from me and my husband's employer showing each other as beneficiaries (Life Insurance, Vision, Dental, Basic AD&D and Critical Illness)- no joint Health Insurance since it's cheaper if we're paying separately which makes no sense but ok
    2. Joint Phone Service account
    3. Joint internet bills
    4. Joint tax transcripts(W2 included)
    4. Joint lease agreement
    6. Travel and Vacation Itineraries
    7. Joint checking account
    8. Joint credit card summary
    9. Pay stubs showing the same address
    10. Photos w/ friends and family & Wedding Pics
    11. Sworn affidavit from friends & family (not notarized but I included copies of their driver's license)
    12. Cards from friends/family ( we only have 2 cards since most greetings are through facebook/messenger/email)-is this ok?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for your answers!
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    Rhea10 reacted to JFH in Sworn affidavit needs to be US Citizen?   
    No, they don't have to be USCs. But surely you have better evidence for ROC than this? You have been living together for two years or more so you should have plenty of better quality evidence. 
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