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  1. That is incorrect link. The link you provided is for I-765 filing in certain cases. Correct link is https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 then click where to file.
  2. I had my green card interview yesterday. Approved on the spot. Here is my timeline: Filing Type: Marriage to USC 3/20/18: Package sent 3/21/18: Package received, PD 3/27/18: Checks cashed 3/31/18: NoAs recvd via mail 4/06/18: Biometrics appt recvd for 4/17 4/09/18: Early walk-in Biometrics appt 4/16/18: We reviewed your biometrics 4/25/18: We are ready to schedule your interview 4/30/18: We scheduled your interview 5/03/18: EAD approved (expedited) 5/05/18: Interview notice recvd for 6/07/18 6/07/18: Approved on the spot! Interview was straight forward. We chitchat about where we were born, about our profession, then I got asked all the questions on I-485 form. That took 20 mins. Then he asked for supporting docs. He like the way I had organized it. I gave joint bank accounts, joint property, joint insurance, account beneficiaries, photos printed on paper. He simply took it and put it in file. No questions asked. Then said we will be approved. That's it. 45 mins later, status updated to Card in production.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I got the status update on 4/25 saying ready to schedule your interview, on 4/30 I got an update saying interview scheduled and today I got the notice in the mail. I applied on 3/20. Please see my timeline for details.
  4. Expedited EAD approved 5/3 Received interview notice in the mail today. It is scheduled for June 7th. Fingers crossed. Most of the documents collected. Need to organize them well.
  5. Ok, so no interview was actually scheduled. It is a generic update that shows up when NBC has completed its processing and is waiting on local office to schedule it. When interview is scheduled it typically says, "We scheduled your interview and mailed you a notice"
  6. Yup. There was another march case on another forum who got scheduled for interview. Which local office? WHat does your status exactly say? When was your biometrics done?
  7. My case status updated to "We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case" The early walk-in worked. Relieved is this step is complete. Onward to the next step ...
  8. I live 2 hours away from the office so I couldn't go when they open at 7:30 in the morning. I reached around noon. The security guard looked at my ID and the biometrics appointment letter. He said walk through the scanner - just like the airport. No cell phones were allowed so I left it in the car. There were 10 of us. The lady doing the biometrics asked us to form a line. She said if you do not have an appointment stand in the back of the line. So I did. My turn came, I did the biometrics and I was done. No one asked why I was there early. I dressed business casual - a tad better than the rest of the folks who were in jeans and t-shirt. The lady was very professional and courteous with all of us. It all depends on your local office. Some are busy, some are not. Be nice to all people you interact, if they say no to something, don't push it. You can always go back when it is your actual appointment. All the best with your turn.
  9. How many Feb folks have gotten interview notices? I see one in the timelines from Denver and the next page over there is one from Portland, OR - Mike and Tuyen - they post here often. So we know they have received it. http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?cfl=0&op1=2&op2=d&op3=&op4=14&op5=&op6=&op8=All&xfr=&vtype=0&interview= Not everybody maintains theirs, so it is hard to know.
  10. Did an early walk-in biometrics. They did not even ask for a reason. Glad it is over.
  11. Received my biometrics appointment. It is scheduled for April 17, 2018. Fingers crossed.
  12. Received my NOAs in mail today. Now waiting for biometric notice.
  13. Marriage Based Application I-130, I-130A, I-131, I-485, I-765, I-693, I-864 USCIS - Chicago, IL Documents Sent (FEDEX)- 3/20/18 Received by USCIS - 3/21/18 Checks cashed - 3/27/2018 Did not send G1145. Called customer service, rep did not give receipt numbers. Waiting on notices.
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