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  1. a) October 2nd, 2020 b) Yes, it will include biometrics
  2. Congratulations! What service center? Can you tell us the receipt number without the last three digits?
  3. Congratulations! Could you please share your receipt number without the last three digits? Was your case transferred to local office?
  4. Can you tell us your receipt number without last three digits? pm if you like. thanks.
  5. What are the first three letters if your receipt?
  6. That is a good thing ..glad that they are touching and reviewing so many cases from Feb ....mostly likely latest tax return and other stuff. Please let us know what they are asking. Thanks!
  7. Congratulations!!! Did you provide any additional evidence at the interview?
  8. We just put pics in a word document - two on one page with details, names and dates of the occasion, and color printed it. We had done the same during AoS and the immigration officer loved it.
  9. Provide clear and convincing evidence of cohabitation. You need to clearly state that "As far as residing together I already owned this home before we were married so she isn't on the loan or deed." USCIS cannot read that from the evidence you provided.
  10. So sorry to hear this. Yep, it would be very stressful. Plan on going to the interview as scheduled. Do not miss it unless they confirm on the phone that it is cancelled. Nobody is going to have an experience like this. This is all uncharted territory.
  11. Congratulations!! Did your case get transferred to local office? ..this type of info can be seen on my.uscis.gov site only. If SRC< can please let us know your receipt number without the last three digits thank you.
  12. Status will update again with the tracking number in a day or two
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