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  1. I had to move here during the pandemic with the K1 and actually I have my green card interview this Thursday (I moved here in June and applied in September so it did take a long time!). As someone that had to do it I would rate this experience like 0/10 haha. I mean of course we are together now so that’s amazing but if we could’ve done this a different way we would. and since you can be together anyway and you’re not separated I 100% think you made the right choose to not move forward and do a spouse visa later! Good luck!
  2. Hi! I am not sure but I would guess that if you mean the pareja de hecho you won’t need to disclose it because in the US it is not valid. However I would suggest to ask the consulate in order to be sure because this is who I asked in our case and they told me we don’t count as married and we should do K1. Best of luck to you!
  3. Sorry if I wasn’t clear! I meant it takes this long for the card to be sent since uscis updates EAD status to “approved”, not since biometrics. It took 2 months since I did my biometrics but I honestly expected longer since I also heard that Chicago is slow. i hope you get yours soon!
  4. This is a QUESTION not a complaint. My previous job is waiting for me to have my card so they can rehire me in their US offices and I was trying to find out what to tell them. I didn’t take your place or did anything different than you did so your anger is misplaced and jealousy is a bad thing. Maybe if you were a nicer person you’d be luckier... Anyway, for anyone interested in the future I found out USCIS says it takes up to a month for cards to arrive but normally arrives within 1-2 weeks.
  5. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that I just got an update on USCIS website “new card is being produced” for my EAD! Im in Chicago and it’s been 62 days after my biometrics and about 20 days after they received my RFIE response for I-944. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the card since the “new card is being produced” status?
  6. Hi everyone! wanted to share that I just got an update on the USCIS website today that my EAD is being produced! you can see my timeline for more info but i sent my packet in September
  7. No I’m still gathering everything.. I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t get one for some reason so I didn’t prepare anything and now I’m trying to get everything during the holidays which isn’t great timing. Aiming to send it by first week of January. I hope you get your appointment soon!
  8. Hi everyone! I applied September 11 and got an RFIE for I-944 2 weeks ago and just today I received the notice for my biometrics appointment for January 8th! I had asked USCIS and they had told me my ASC was Norridge but my bio appointment turns out is at Burbank. I think they might be changing locations for some people
  9. We submitted the AOS packet September 11 and I got an RFIE 2 weeks ago and I just received today a biometrics appointment notice for January 8th! I’m in Chicago and thought it would take way longer for my biometrics to be honest
  10. I spoke with a representative on uscis chat and they told me of it has been more than 30 days that you received your NOA and 90 days that your ASC has been open you should file a request here https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/Intro.do and pick “did not receive notice by mail”. They take 3 weeks to respond though.
  11. Hey all i sent my application September 11 i received Noa September 21 Waiting for biometrics.. hope it comes soon and will update
  12. I wish you all the best! I would guess if you can get something in writing from the consular in Madrid it would help your case. You guys are coming to Chicago too? Small world! Maybe we could meet when you get here. Anyway good luck again!
  13. Hi there! im so sorry that this has been so complicated for you! You would expect with this to make your life easier not harder.. it is such good proof that you have a valid relationship and also proves you have been living together! We really debated in wether to add this in our petition or not but ultimately we decided to add it as it shows we lived together and we felt it would make our case stronger now and in the future. we were approved pretty fast and we have no rfes and generally no questions about this not even at the interview stage. We did accompany it with a letter that explained how we met and a timeline of our relationship. Because we were worried about what they might think of the pareja de hecho we made sure to address it on the letter and we wrote something like: we are aware it is not a marriage and it is merely an equivalent of a civil union only recognised in Spain but did the pareja de hecho as we lived together and wanted to make our relationship somewhat more official. Now we are ready for the next step and want to move forward with marrying each other. Maybe this is why we didn’t get an rfe or maybe you were just a little unlucky with the person looking at your petition.. it is surprising to methat they also asked you to state how you met since you have been together for so long. I have no idea what the best advice for you is but what I would do in your place, is I would provide different website pages printed that explain pareja de hecho in English also point out that civil union is not even recognised as an equivalent of marriage in the US and write a letter to explain how you met and the pareja de hecho and what it means and why you did it. Maybe it is also worth it to ask the embassy in Madrid about it since in my experience they are very nice and helpful. I wish you the best of luck!
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