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  1. Thanks for your comment about April filers.  I am just curious about how you can tell that there are fewer April applications?

    1. tanman22


      Here’s a post about that:


  2. Hi, your weekly updates are quite helpful.  Since you are a March filer, I am afraid they will go away when you soon get your approval.  I am an April filer.  I am wondering if you can share any information how you obtain this data?  There are approvals for April coming in now and I would like to see where they stand with April as well.  Thanks!

    1. LoveJonLovell


      The USCIS Case tracker app has a search function. You can search up to 500 cases at a time... it does take some time to compile, but once you have the case number range, it's much easier to update.


  3. I noticed you scheduled an interview date.  Were you originally one of the cancelled interviews or is the US Embassy Bangkok starting to move new cases out of the National Visa Center.  Please advise.  Thanks.

  4. The only hope I see right now is the ongoing law suit against the Department of State by about 150 couples that already had their USCIS approved but are being held up at the NVC as you described. Kuck and Baxter Immigration are the attorneys and provided an update which was linked in another part of this website. Bottom line is that there is encouraging news that a judge will order continuation to process K1 visas at consulates. It is unfortunate that a law suit needs to be filed for a bunch of bureaucrats to make a logical decision.
  5. Take the emails with a grain of salt. I received an email two weeks ago that predicted November 21. Today’s email predicts December 5. Therefore, with two passing weeks, I did not get any closer to the finish line. If you keep an eye on the immigration timelines tab, you will see that the dates being processed over the last three weeks have not progressed any further through March. I believe the algorithm that this site uses is accurate, but USCIS is making little progress and the backlog is growing.
  6. The processing times say 5-7 months. HOWEVER, you can see that with each passing week, the approved cases only gets better by a couple days. This means their backlog is growing. It is no surprise because we are now dealing with the pandemic impact. We received our NOA-1 in late April, I am expecting the NOA2 to come at 8-9 months based on current progress.
  7. Did you consider calling or emailing the BKK embassy to find out why?
  8. Has anyone noticed that with each passing week, the estimated NOA-2 moves almost by the same amount? For example, last week our estimated NOA-2 date moved from November 16 to November 21. With 7 passing days, the NOA-2 date moved 5 days so we really only got 2 days closer to the NOA-2 date and there is a potential big margin of error with this number. Assuming this continues, not only will they miss the 7 months upper range, it will be missed by a long shot. It seems that soon everyone will be missing their NOA-2 date. Although we can call and inquire after they miss the upper range, my understanding is they provide a standard response. Did anyone have experience about contacting USCIS and what you told? Did you see your NOA-2 come shortly afterwards you contacted them?
  9. I noticed you changed your interview date to 12/23.  Were you not approved for an earlier date?

    1. KnoxThai


      The dates seem to be dynamic. I'm just going to leave it at 23 December until we actually have the interview.

  10. I see that 150 citizens with I-129F approvals filed a law suit against the Department of State because the NVC is not processing visas. What is troublesome to me is that the Department of State recently announced that the K1 visas should be given high priority. But according to the law suit, the NVC is still not processing K1 visas and considers them part of the president proclamation. Considering that my fiancé lives in Thailand where Bangkok recently announced that all visa categories will be processed starting October 1, does this mean that the NVC will simply not send visas to the local embassy because they are not being processed? Anyone know?
  11. This is great that you shared this screen. It gives a good idea how often interviews are occurring. Can you provide some information regarding how many time slots are being offered for each day? This will give an idea how many interviews are being conducted per month. Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks for your information. But if you went through the process, did you get an actual interview date? Or, do they not provide specific dates at the moment?
  13. I would agree that with the announcement on the Department of State website that K visa types will be processed at high priority, a date way out in December does not seem high priority especially since the proclamation prevents processing many other visa types, which should free up earlier spots. Maybe only one person is doing interviews 😀
  14. This was just posted on the US Embassy website for Thailand: Beginning October 1, 2020, U.S. Embassy Bangkok and U.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai will resume routine nonimmigrant visa services for all visa categories. The number of visa interviews per day will be limited to ensure social distancing. U.S. Embassy Bangkok has also resumed processing most immigrant visa categories and is currently addressing its backlog of cases, namely those applicants whose interview appointment was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Immigrant Visa unit will be in direct contact with applicants currently eligible to reschedule their interview appointment.
  15. I received this reply to my email to Bangkok Thailand Embassy. At least they are doing something. While other U.S. Embassies/Consulates may have announced they are performing K visa interviews, please note that for Embassy Bangkok, only the K visa cases that were scheduled and canceled earlier this year will be processed for now. We are not able to process at this time any K visa cases which are still AT NVC or IN TRANSIT. You can check your K visa case status on the following website: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx. Please be aware that the Immigrant Visa (IV) Unit Bangkok will NOT be able to process cases still at the NVC under any circumstance or through any request by email. If you believe you may qualify for expedited processing at the NVC, you may submit your request to NVC using their contact form on this link, but please note that submission of request does not guarantee approval. If your K visa interview was scheduled and canceled earlier this year, you should receive an email in September containing instructions regarding how to schedule the visa interview. You must wait until you receive this email from the Immigrant Visa Unit first, then you will be able to schedule your appointment online. Once U.S. Embassy Bangkok resumes all routine K visa services, this will be announced on our website: https://ustraveldocs.com/th/index.html. Thank you for your continued patience, and for taking the time to read the information above.
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