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  1. Hello all, Yesterday I have had my AOS interview from a K1 visa and it was all good and approved. It will take some time to receive my welcome notice and the green card in the mail. When will I be considered a LPR and/or have the rights of a LPR? Is it ever since the interview yesterday? Or will that be when I receive my green card? Thank you
  2. For those interested, my green card application has been approved. The interview was very easy and smooth. My completed overseas medical (DS-3025) was within a year of filing AOS and therefore sufficient for the approval even though the changed policy regarding covid vaccinations 😁
  3. I am sorry to hear that it's taking very long. Arkansas is a beautiful state though, you surely are welcome 😄. Tomorrow I hope to know more. Sometime later I will update on how it went and how the USCIS went about the DS-3025 and the new vaccination requirements!
  4. I agree with what you are proposing, also I believe that there may be far less AOS candidates than usual due to the stop of visa issuance in some geographic regions due to COVID-19. During the entire K1 to AOS process I have followed guides on Visajourney to make sure I fully understood the process and everything that needed to be done. That has most likely helped a lot. Furthermore I believe that in Arkansas, where I filed for AOS, will not have nearly as much 'AOS traffic' flowing through the local USCIS service center. I consider myself lucky somehow getting the opportunity to attend the interview this fast. Hopefully your process will be fast and without any trouble!
  5. Dear everyone, Unexpectedly, but very nice, I have received an invitation of the USCIS office to attend my AOS interview only 3 months after filing (K1 to AOS). The letter states the following about I-693: You must bring the following 'If required, a completed Form-I693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, and/or vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted). Please see the Form I-693 Instructions for guidance on whether you need a complete medical examination, an updated vaccine supplement only, or neither.' In June 2021 I have completed my overseas medical and submitted my DS-3025 (with all required vaccinations ticked off) together with my I-485 application. I understand that if AOS is filed within 1 year of my overseas medical, than getting the I-693 is not required. I have not received any RFE regarding the medical. BUT, since October 1st 2021 the vaccination requirements has changed and the COVID vaccination is added to the list. Yet at the time it was not a requirement and is therefore not present on my DS-3025. I have read through the instructions and all I can find is this; 'Even if a new medical examination is not required, you must still show proof that you complied with the vaccination requirements. If the vaccination record (DS 3025) was not properly completed and included as part of the original overseas medical examination report, you will need to have the Part 10. Vaccination Record completed by a designated civil surgeon. In this case, you must submit Parts 1. - 5., 7., and 10. of Form I-693.' The DS-3025 was properly completed, but the USCIS has gotten a new requirement in between my completed medical and the interview, but it is within the validity period of the medical. Does anyone have any experience on how the USCIS will go about this? Does anyone know if a new medical OR an updated vaccination record is required before the interview? Thank you, all help is appreciated.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience! Definetly worth trying. Im surely not giving up yet and see what they can do for me.
  7. Ah that makes sense. In general it's wicked how we are both temporary visitor and resident at the same time. We are practically both when waiting to adjust status. Legally in the limbo though. Thank you guys for your information. Much appreciated.
  8. If indeed they won't accept any documentation, which most likely they won't at my second try. After my AR drivers license expires, will my valid foreign drivers license be valid again? It is legal to drive a year in Arkansas with an unexpired foreign international drivers license.
  9. Is there any document one receives after doing the biometrics? Because somehow I must be able to show people here that I am not illegally staying in the United States.
  10. Thank you for your quick responses. I will try to get up there after my current Arkansas DL will expire and than perhaps il be in luck.
  11. Dear everyone, Last month I have filed for AOS and received I-797c and a interview date for my biometrics. In the meantime I have been bussy arranging my Arkansas driver's license. My written and skills test have been succesfully completed. But today I went to the revenue office and they only gave me a driver's license until the current expiration of my I-94, which is based on my K1 entry (until the 28th of October). They said I needed a I-797A or I-797B. I cannot find any information about how to obtain these documents. Does anyone have any idea? Is it normal to receive a I-797A or B later in the process? Will the status on I-94 change automatically later on, when i ring it up at the DHS? I'm pretty confused, any help is appreciated.
  12. Dear everyone, Soon I am filing my AOS package from a K1 visa. I've read the instructions (I-864) about the tax transcript carefully, but i cannot quite understand which documents the USCIS will accept. The IRS won't let my main sponsor into her IRS account, at this moment she is unable to retrieve the official IRS transcripts from year 2019+2020. The joint sponsor who makes enough money by himself to support me was able to retrieve all IRS transcripts. As for the main sponsor; is it possible to file I-864 with 1040 + W2's? will this be sufficient evidence of income? The difference between the actual transcript and the 1040 is somewhat unclear to me. Please let me know if I am missing something here. Thank you.
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