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  1. Life has been good for me, I'm working, got my license, however when I go to check on my case I'm still greeted with the following message: "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received" My case status has been like this since October. Still no biometrics for my I-485. Absolutely nothing but my combo card. Any ideas on what I should do?
  2. I received a RFE for my AOS requesting the same thing from my husband. His 2019 tax return still hasn't been processed even though we already filed our 2020 one, lol. I sent the USCIS a letter signed by both me and my husband explaining the situation and I added a copy of my tracking number for the paper tax return he sent to the IRS. A letter from your accountant wouldn't be a bad idea, you might also wanna add a letter you wrote yourself.
  3. You should be able to add your spouse to your insurance, even if they don't have a SSN, as it's a qualifying lifetime event. I've heard some insurance companies are difficult about it though
  4. Oops, already sent it out with my 1040 today. Hope that doesn't make things complicated.
  5. Awesome, I'll paper file then. I read somewhere I have to include a written statement since I'm a non-resident, so I'll look into some examples for that.
  6. Hey there I'm trying to file taxes with my husband for the first time. I just got my EAD and social security card. However, Turbotax keeps rejecting it, saying that I'm not in the IRS's records. Here's my situation: - We got married in May 2020 - I am currently unemployed and haven't worked a single day in my country of birth in 2020 - I have filed taxes in my country of birth before, but not for 2020, as I didn't have any income and have been in the US since early March 2020 - I have a foreign bank account and credit card, both with no money in it Will filing taxes via mail change anything? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to filing taxes and don't understand a lot of tax-related terms so any help would be appreciated...
  7. Just got my SS card in the mail even though the SSA told me I wasn't in their system. Weird, but problem solved lol
  8. @ss.hendrix Congrats!! So I called my local SS office to ask if my SS card was already on the way but apparently the USCIS never put in a request for them to produce one as my name wasn't in their system so I had to make an appointment and get the card myself? I did definitely check the box on the I-765 form. Anyone else having problems with this?
  9. So uh, question. Are those notices of action for my EAD and AP important? Because my cat just knocked over my tea with her cone of shame (probably payback for getting her fixed) and now they're soaked 😳
  10. @Toby_HB It was a tier 2, was automatically directed to them, maybe because I called at 8:00 AM exactly. Mainly just told them I really need to work and asked why it was taking so long. I hadn't slept and was extremely grumpy 😂
  11. Woke up to a miracle today! Curious if it had anything to do with me calling the USCIS yesterday to complain 😂
  12. Thanks! Hoping it will come soon, kinda worried my RFIE was maybe denied. Then again, COVID-19 times are unpredictable
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