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  1. Alright! I included all evidence for my co-sponsor and they didn't say anything about that in the RFIE so I think I'm good on that.
  2. Oh gotcha! So in his case, his W-2 and 1040 (he didn't file any schedules as he works a simple delivery job and that's it) would be sufficient? Or should I also include paystubs/a letter of employment?
  3. So what do I do if the tax return transcript is not available for 2019? Also, what do you mean by schedules? All he got was a W-2 from his employer and he saved a copy of the 1040 he submitted.
  4. Hi! This morning my RFIE came in. I'm resubmitting form I-864 but I have a question about the financial evidence needed because I think that's where I messed up last time. The situation: - My husband never filed until 2019 because he wasn't required to (not enough income, we are using a co-sponsor) - He filed his 2019 taxes through mail (he can't create an online account because he doesn't have financial proof aka credit card, student loan, auto loan etc) in June, before the new COVID-19 deadline - Since the IRS is so behind on everything he won't be able to get his transcript in time, so instead he wants to write a letter explaining why he didn't file in 2017 and 2018 and explain that he DID file in 2019 but that his transcript isn't available yet and that's why he's including his 1040 and W-2 instead I'm also including a legitimate copy of my co-sponsor's birth certificate because I sent them a bad scan last time which wasn't accepted as stated in the RFIE. Am I missing anything? Should I also include his W-2s for 2017 and 2018 even though he didn't file, to show that he didn't make enough to be able to file and do I have to attach paystubs? Also, when resubmitting I-186, do I have to include everything I initially included in the package (husband's birth certificate etc) or just the form? Thank you!
  5. I did use a joint sponsor (says so on the RFE, they just want an extra copy of their birth certificate). Will reupload the screenshot
  6. Never made enough money to be required to file. We did it the same way for my K1
  7. Just got my RFIE and I'm very confused. I already sent both my husband's and co-sponsor's I-864 with additional evidence. Only thing I didn't include was my husband's tax income returns because he doesn't have any (has never been required to file taxes) so I wrote a letter of non-filing instead.
  8. Let's hope it's just a box I forgot to check then (like my last RFE, lol)
  9. Apprently got an RFE today 😞 The only issue I can think of is the fact that I didn't include a DS3025 because I never received it. I was told to just give my entire medical package to the guys at PoE, which I did
  10. Joining this thread because I filed my AOS packet on July 25th and received my NOA1s in the mail a few days ago!
  11. There's one issue that I can think of that might have caused my package to be rejected and that is the fact that I sent the money to my father-in-law and he wrote the check for me because we didn't have checks at the time. It was no issue for the K1 but maybe it changed?
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