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  1. Thanks, was issued a CR1 instead of an IR1 and trying to see how to get it corrected without having to apply for removal of conditions.
  2. Thanks for prompt reply. I just entered the U.S with CR1 visa stamp despite being married for more than two. I had informed the same to the CPB officer at the Port of entry. He asked why I didn't correct it at the Consulate stage and there is nothing they can do about it and advised me to apply for removal of conditions. I recalled your advise here on VJ if it's not corrected at the port of entry, I can still apply for its correction using some form. I m seeking advise in that regard. Thanks once again.
  3. How long does it take to receive social security number after entering the US? Also, what form do we use to submit corrections on the Visa annotations before receiving the actual green card? Thanks in advance for your insights.
  4. I was issued CR1 visa by the Embassy even if we are married for almost three years. Was it my fault not to mention this to the consular officer during the interview? I was asked when did I get married & mentioned the date. My expectation was that I would receive IR1 stamp on my passport but that was not the case. Do you think this could be fixed at the time of entry and hence should I inform CPB control of the issue?
  5. Hi, so went to the interview and after I took the oath, I informed the consular officer that I would like to submit some corrections to the DS 260 form. She then asked me what were the corrections relating to and when I told her it was about my travel history of last five years which was missing from the form, she accepted the letter written by the lawyer along with the list. No further questions were asked and interview took only few minutes. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello VJ family, happy to share that my visa has been issued by U. S. Embassy Addisbaba today. Had the interview on Jan 12. Ceac account did not have any updates in between interview to issuance. Though I went to interview with two big bags packed with supporting documents, was only asked for passport, marriage and birth certificate, police clearance only from Ethiopia ( our case was unfairly delayed at NVC coz we were asked to upload police records from two other countries where I lived for less than one year in each country), interview confirmation and ds-260 confirmation pages and copy of I-864 Affidavit of support form. I was not asked for copy of my j1 visa, paystubs or employment letters or vaccination records etc. It took only 5 working days for the visa to be printed. Cannot wait to collect my passport from DHL. I would like to thank everyone in this forum and thank God!!! Wishing each and everyone of you all the very best and speedy approvals.
  7. I m not still sure why they didn't ask for vaccination records. AMC was offering MMR at least until last March. Also, St Yared hospital was due to resume services so it might not hurt to check with them. All the best to you guys.
  8. That's what I was told during my medical too. At IOM, they didn't mention anything about vaccination even if I took the copy of my vaccination records. Not only there, the Consulate also didn't ask for vaccination records during my interview even though I voluntarily showed the copy to the officer who verified my documents. May be the Consulate is aware of the fact that we were vaccinated as children. (in Ethiopia MMR, BCG etc were given to children at least since the 1980's) Check with your husband if he still has the copy of his records. I had lost mine and that's why I took it again. I don't know why IOM isn't demanding that while the American medical center required every one to take the vaccine. If you ask me for my opinion, from my experience, some American universities require students to either show their vaccination records or to get vaccinated there( that happened to me in 2016 at FIU even if I went there for a summer course) so it may not harm to get the vaccine if your husband wants to go to college when he comes?
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