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  1. Unfortunately, you don't get to just pick an embassy because they have shorter wait times. You have to be a physical resident of that country (or have been in the past) to have a case transferred to another embassy. BUT hopefully by the time you get some of this going, wait times will be down. There are a lot of embassies around the world who are pretty well caught up....so try to find out about Turkey.
  2. In our case, we're very fortunate because we were able to expedite (although I don't know if medical reasons makes us fortunate, really...), so it is less than a year and half, which is very fast. Many people in ET have still been waiting 2 years to get an interview at the embassy. You profile shows Ethiopia, so is that the other option aside from Turkey? I don't know what the timing in Turkey has been due to COVID, but I would imagine better than here. However, by the time your paperwork is all approved by USCIS and NVC (it sounds like you haven't started yet?) maybe the timing in Ethiopia will have improved some. Either way, starting now and going through ET, expect it to take about 2 years for a CR-1/IR-1. K-1 is usually faster. Not sure what you're going for since you said "partner."
  3. Actually, we've lived together the entire time, so.... What do you mean you're "about to start a similar process"? But really, good luck, the whole thing isn't easy.
  4. In case anyone else happens to follow this thread.... The interview was scheduled within a week, and for about 5 days after they notified us, so about 2 weeks all together. They saw my husband's other visa in his passport and let him keep his passport knowing he would need it as he still hasn't finished his medical check up. They said they would call him when they get his papers and be able to put the visa in his passport same day. I guess we'll see.....
  5. I’m not really sure which section to post this in, so I’m going with here. We are in Ethiopia. I got an email from NVC saying our expedite case was approved (finally!). It also said it could take up to 2 weeks for the file to be transferred. We were planning a trip abroad for Easter in 3 weeks, but now I’m nervous about the timing of everything and wondering HOW QUICKLY they will schedule an interview from the time NVC sent the file. Do we need to cancel our trip or is it going to take something like 6 weeks or more?
  6. I actually spoke to real people today! I was told they are still only processing emergency cases, but people have, in fact, returned and maybe at some point (2 months from now, who knows?) things will return to normal processing. And by normal, of course, I mean that everything is still going to have an insane backlog.
  7. I heard from a second source here in the city that they are embassy workers should have returned now. As far as when they are resuming services...that's a totally different question as officially, they are still claiming "services suspended." As far as transferring, I never got anywhere with it. I contacted several embassies (including Djibouti) who all said they could not accept the case if we did not live there. NVC said the same, but also included that if the beneficiary had ever lived in another country, it might be possible to transfer there. That is all I know.
  8. Oh, did someone actually respond to you at the email? I still haven't gotten one. But yes, NVC told me the same thing.
  9. Aha! Always great to have someone with an inside track. Thanks for sharing! I hope we will all start to see some movement in the near future!
  10. Where did you read this (can you link it)? I still haven't seen anything.
  11. Yes, I'm sure that's true. The operator finally told me that there is no one there. The questions remain: 1) What are we supposed to do if there's no one there to help us (especially in expedited/necessary situations)? 2) Who knows when in the world this order will ever end?
  12. If it is, tell me how! I've tried contacting a number of embassies, all of which said it's not possible unless we reside in the country. I also asked NVC, and they said the same (OR if the applicant has ever lived in another country, we could apply there). That doesn't work for us. Other ideas?
  13. Jake, so sorry to hear that. We actually did apply for an expedite (my health), but NVC said they can't do anything as the embassy is not accepting cases. That seems wrong to me...I can't understand how that's possible with no alternative options. I've still not been able to get anyone at the embassy neither by phone nor email (which is what they claim they will respond to), and that's more than 2 months now. If anybody is having any sort of success contacting anyone, it would be great to hear how!
  14. Hi all, Question about this whole thread...anyone know how to get a case transferred? As Ethiopia is also not processing cases, been trying to figure out how to take steps to get it somewhere else, but can't get any answers. Help?
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