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  1. Hi All- I'm not sure if the is the correct place to post about adjustment of status, but I have a question on the affidavit of support form. The Form (I-864) has a broken link on USCIS? Is there another form I am supposed to use? Also, where is the best place on this site to get adjustment of status information? Thanks!
  2. Hi Alex- are you looking to get married in Ethiopia? Yes, you need a non-marriage certificate to get married in Ethiopia.
  3. Awesome!! When is your appointment? We just paid the bank yesterday and now we're ready to schedule an appointment- just waiting for one to open up. It's awesome to see all of us moving forward now!
  4. Oh, thanks for the heads up! I've been telling my fiance to be on the lookout for it but maybe I should be.
  5. Addis Ababa. Also you want to register your email with NVC? You can just email them to do so.
  6. Our case was just changed to Ready! So it must have reached the embassy. We are waiting for the email from the embassy. Isn't there a way to see the P3 here on visajourney?
  7. Ok thanks friend. How do I look up Packet 3 for Ethiopia?
  8. Hi Everyone, I feel like we've been waiting an eternity, and now very quickly our case was In Transit for only two days and now Ready! We've waited so long for this and I'm like a deer in the headlights now on what to do next. We got an email from NVC saying it was in transit before, are we waiting for another email from the embassy now? What's next? Thanks all!
  9. We've used witness statements and didn't notarize the statements. For added bonus my fiance and I also took a photo with he person which we submitted.
  10. How can you see how many K-1 interviews are scheduled at your embassy?
  11. We didn't write N/A for every single line. For example if there was a name of previous spouse I'd put N/A but then not for every blank line underneath for their address etc. Our petition was approved with USCIS.
  12. Hi Rwisoursaviour- did they interviewers ask your fiance for a copy of your I-129f form? I heard in one interview in Addis they did and I'm getting worried as we did not make copies of the form....
  13. ohhh friend this makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell us briefly what sort of documentation you brought?
  14. I am so happy to hear this!! We're waiting to be able to schedule a k-1 interview in Addis too and you give me such hope!
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