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  1. You can find good examples online if you just google statement of intent to marry.
  2. Thanks fried. I received the RFE- they want more information on a DUI I got 11 years ago. Do you think this arrest will cause them to reject our application? I feel like it was long enough ago and a misdemeanor so shouldn't be an issue. They also want more passport photos. Also can I send in things they didn't ask for as well? For example my fiance and I have met 4 more times in person since I sent in the application. Can I show proof of that to kind of "pad" our application even though they haven't asked for it? Thanks for everyone's help!
  3. 170 days later and we just received notification of an RFE coming in the mail. I don't know what it's about but I'm definitely worried.... not the response I was hoping for. 😪
  4. 301 days since receipt!? Wow, I am sorry my friend. Chin up. At least you can have some comfort knowing that even if it made it through there are no interviews now so what's the rush right?
  5. 143 days today and still waiting. Anyone else in the 140s still waiting? I hope we're not the only ones! Starting to get worried....
  6. Yup... still waiting here too. Received date was 8th of November. So we're now at 136 days. 😕
  7. Still waiting too! 133 days now. I'm happy to see the recent approvals though- I was starting to gett worried USCIS was not operating due to coronavirus.
  8. I'm around the same date as you all too! My fiance is from Ethiopia and it seems that the "high-risk" countries take longer? I think a lot of the quick approvals were "western" countries. Not sure if that's totally true but just my observation. Maybe, as you say, it is more rigorous background checking. I'm hoping if we get approved now the NVC will still be operating, and maybe by the time it passes through the NVC the embassies will be opening back up? Fingers crossed. Though Ethiopia is just now getting their first cases so I think things will get worse there and close embassy for sure. Good luck to you- keep us posted!!
  9. Congrats!!! We have the same date. Still eagerly awaiting.
  10. Ours is about 20 days past due. Does anyone know what might make one go more quickly and another more slowly?
  11. Does anyone know if USCIS will remain open and processing I-129f? I was supposed to get my NOA2 last week and we're still anxiously awaiting. Do we think Caronavirus will slow down the processing here at USCIS? I know many offices are closing, but some are working from home....?
  12. Same.... we must have the same received date. Nov 8th?
  13. The Octobers are all getting their NOA2s so we're up soo The October filers are all getting their NOA2s now! My receipt date is Nov 8th, so close to yours! I think ours will come next week, or the week after at the latest. Hang in there!
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