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  1. I seen a bunch of K1 on fb gotten their IL for july interview...
  2. it feels like they literally inteview 10 people per month ...talk about snail pace
  3. i really doubt they can go that far ahead, men it feels like they are interviewing 10 people a month (snail pace for sure)...hehe
  4. my bad i see that now, that super weird definitely call them and see whats goin
  5. it took mine almost a month to get to NVC after USCIS approval ...its been 10 days since yours was approved ,i will recommend to call them in a couple weeks.
  6. Hey Guys just curious when the IL used to be sent before all this covid19 s*** popped up. is it the third week of the month or something, i'm D'Q nov 18, just wonna know the cut_off for this month and have a rough idead when to expect mine
  7. this month IL will give clear picture ,of when to expect an interview, february IL was all over the place because of lockdown and stuff.
  8. i saw somewhere somebody mentioned omitting the first zero
  9. I recently uploaded I-864 and civil documents to the NVC website , as a CR1 applicant, i'm just wondering currently how long does it take for NVC to review the documents, Thanks

  10. My I-130 Application was recently to be exact 32 days transferred from Nebraska to Texas service my PD is May 20th 2019, does anyone have an idea when to expect the adjudication of my file, Tganks
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