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  1. Agreed - you don't pick them up. What happens is that you have to wait for the bags to transfer from your Regina flight to your next flight. Gist of it is that you scan your boarding pass which then checks to see if your bags have been transferred over to intl flight. If yes, you're allowed to go into customs. If no, you wait in a room until they get transferred over. Learned way too much about this last summer when the luggage system broke and hubby got stuck in Toronto overnight!
  2. LOL. So easy to do! I almost did it a few times when I added folks to the group since so many names are so identical.
  3. Hey Hawk - you invited the wrong JacquelineH - there are two folks. If you could uninvite the one from Hawaii who is applying for citizenship, that would be great! I'm sure they don't need to know about our green card interviews.
  4. There is a large group of us who have been waiting together in a group chat. I can add you if you like.
  5. Did you want to join the Canadian group waiting for interviews? Sounds like you are pretty close.
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing. I had a new job offer last year and no one, not even a lawyer we consulted told us of that option. We finally have our interview in two weeks after originally filing in April 2018. I do hope your posting will help others!
  7. So far, up through July 4th on DQ. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more IL's!
  8. Done and added! Forever! Been waiting since June 4th
  9. Haven't seen anything for spouses since Mid-Sept. Hoping we will see something next week! Added you to the group Yep, will do that
  10. The group is for folks who have completed the NVC phase and are waiting for an interview date. Circle back once you are DQ!
  11. Added both Added you both, welcome to the group!
  12. Oh wow, congrats to you!!! We have a group chat going for those of us waiting, I can add you there if you like. Others would love to see that more folks are getting interviews.
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