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  1. Update- Approval notification NOA2 came from Nebraska. NOA1 was from Texas. Received NVC case number and invoice on 4/24/21.
  2. Hello, Its been 56 days since we paid Green Card Fees and no green card. Fees paid on 2/26/21 and US entry was on 3/12/21. Status says fees received. I called and voice message said if you haven't received GC in 30 days, you can fill out E form for Inquiry. Which form should I select to file Inquiry. I tried I 485 and I 751, i get error that recipient wasn't found for those form. We did receive SSN within 7 day of entry. And live in Seaatld, WA area. Any advise?
  3. My cousin case was approved today. Onto NVC stage. I will update with approval notice location.
  4. My cousin submitted online on 3/2/2021. Status changed to actively being reviewed 4/20/21. Online status says Nebraska and paper notice is from Texas.
  5. Update: Entry - 3/12/2021 SSN - 3/22/2021 Green Card- no update. Status still shows Fees paid We live in Seattle area
  6. Our Medical was done on jan 21st (Thursday) and interview was on 27th. Embassy had received medical by interview time. Also take some cash. Their credit card machine was not working at the radiology.
  7. Case status say Nebraska and notice has Texas at the bottom.
  8. I am helping my cousin with her application. Submitted on 3/3/2021. Case status says its being processed at Nebraska and but Receipt notice came from Texas 🤦‍♀️ so where are they processing the application.
  9. We didn't have updated PCC. After consulte received PCC, it took 2 week to get status change to issue.
  10. I just helped my cousin with applications. Online applications states when was the last marriage ended so we put date from previous marriage.
  11. Hello, i live in Bellevue area in WA. I just moved to new apartment and added my husband name to rental insurance. He hasn't even moved and we are already getting mail for him. We never had to add anyone name to the mailbox slot.
  12. We finally got case update and got the visa!! Our visa was delayed due to PCC. I was also worried about extended background check as my husband is non Canadian. Interview Date: 1/27/2021 Status after interview: Refused PCC delivered to Consulate: 2/4/2021 Status Changed to Issue with admin processing - 2/19/2021 Issued final processing - 2/25/2021 Green Card fees paid!!!!! Now waiting for passport to arrive. Thank you everyone for your help. You guys made alot easier this past year. Thanks bunch!!!!
  13. Hi we didn't have police certificate at the interview (ours expired). You might get 221G at the interview as they do want original at the interview. It will have directions on how to mail the document to consulate. It will definitely delayed getting passport back with visa. We were told 4 week delay. Our interview was Jan 27 and PCC reached embassy on February 4th. We just got our status updated to Issued on Feb 19. Hope this helps.
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