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  1. So seems like the ban is only for people who have been in India in past 14 days and spouses of US citizens are exempt. Anyways I am talking with my company to leave my job sooner rather than later to avoid any issues. Thank you! https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/04/30/a-proclamation-on-the-suspension-of-entry-as-nonimmigrants-of-certain-additional-persons-who-pose-a-risk-of-transmitting-coronavirus-disease-2019/
  2. Hi Everyone Hopefully youre doing good. I have an approved IR1 visa in my passport and currently finishing my notice period at work which is around May 19. It seems like white house is announcing ban from travel from India and since I have an Indian passport (i haven't been to India in last 3 years), do you think this ban will affect me? Hoping to hear from people in similar situation. Thanks!
  3. The link didnt work for me either. You will get an email from Canadapost with your item tracking#.
  4. Received passport back today. So 8 days after interview and I am located in interior BC.
  5. Ok so long delayed review for my interview on March 29, 2021. I took an Uber from my hotel at 7:40 AM and was outside embassy at 7:50 AM, it was really windy and cold that morning. We stood outside till 8:00 AM and the guard came out to let us in. One guy returned from US 3 days ago and was not allowed to enter the building. After I was let in the guard asked my name and crossed it off on the list and then asked me questions regarding Covid symptoms. After that I was taken to the security check where I kept all my documents and coat in the tray for screening and then I was given a locker for storing my phone. Then another guard took me to floor 1 where I was asked to report to window 6. I stood there for 10 minutes and no one came and then a lady showed up and asked for my passport and gave me a ticket with a number. I was called again at the window where I submitted my marriage certificate, birth certificate, updated 2020 taxes and W2 and was then given the domestic violence pamphlet. I asked if 2019 tax transcript is required and the lady said 2020 taxes are sufficient. I was told everything is fine and I can sit and wait for my number to be called for interview. I waited around 40 min and was called for interview and was asked following question 1. My name and date of birth? 2. Who is sponsoring me? 3. How did we meet? 4. What do I like about my wife? 5. Did I read the pamphlet? - Now just a note on this one @Prairiegirl3 mentioned the officer was not happy if you say you haven't read the pamphlet, so I made a summary and responded to the officer. He was really happy. After that I was told I was approved and will get my passport back in 2-3weeks. I then asked the officer if he has copy of my PR card and also if he can cancel my B1/B2 visa on the old passport aswell and he made a note on that. My status changed to ISSUED - AP on day of interview and Issued Final Processing on next day March 30, 2021. I received tracking number on Friday April 2, 2021 and currently waiting to receive my passport in interior BC. Thank you everyone on the forum for the help!
  6. Hi the PCC was sufficient for the interview. Thank you!
  7. FYI - my status on CEAC shows Issued - Administrative Processing!
  8. Try the link below for status https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx The $220 fee is paid once you physically receive the visa and have to put a visa number in the website!
  9. I think @Hawk Riders commented on this one saying if it is Issued - Administrative processing, the visa is approved. Someone had this question couple of weeks ago too. Good luck!
  10. Interview at 8am this morning and was approved. Will write a detailed review after I get back to BC, but thank you everyone for so much support!!! Btw how much time does CEAC takes to update? Thank you!
  11. Tax wasn't that big of an issue because my wife has been in Canada for less than 183 days and its was split between this and last year. Our accountant just required the W2's and did the rest for us. We have our interview on Monday and will let you know if the documents we submitted worked!
  12. We are in the same boat. Wife has been with me for last 5 months working remote in Canada. We are providing her current paystubs, rental agreement with her mom, bank statement showing her US address and for employer verification letter. We will also be taking her application to extend stay in Canada. I will be using terminology that she is visiting me and her current US address is her parents. Hopefully that works, but lets see someone on forum can give a better idea! Edit - Also we filed 2020 taxes with IRS so will take W2 and the whole tax return aswell!
  13. Congratulations! Just wondering if you ever changed the address on your police certificate and I-864? Thank you!
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