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  1. Canada is pretty much open, even the casino in Montreal is open lol. The only restrictions are the US-CAN land border but airports are operational. I believe they are just delaying it
  2. It's same with Canada. The cases are way down and still no signs of opening
  3. Someone in IR1/CR1 group called Montreal this morning and they mentioned interviews will be scheduled in September. I believe it was the operator not the embassy staff. Again based on what happened last month with August 14 date, I think it's hard to believe this date. Anyone from K1 group who heard anything similar?
  4. Just got DQ'ed yesterday and in a long line of people waiting at MTL. I flew out from Vancouver to NYC yesterday and to my surprise during my layover in Seattle, most of the businesses were open. I hope with the virus cases pretty much contained in Canada, they can resume the interviews. I hope since other categories such as employment visas put on hold, they can focus on reducing backlog for CR1/IR1 and K1. But again that's a wishful thinking.
  5. Hi Hawk Riders Did you hear back anything from the senetor? Also, an you add me to the group aswell? We just got DQ'ed on 07/10/2020 so in queue for interview at MTL aswell.
  6. Hi Finally got DQ from NVC NOA2 - 06/12/2020 NVC Submission - 07/07/2020 NVC DQ - 07/10/2020 Now in queue for interview at Montreal consulate. Hope they start operations soon!
  7. Submitted Civil documents today July 7, 2020. Let's see how long it takes to DQ!
  8. Hi Guys Just wondering if PCC is different from statement of no criminal record? I moved to Canada when I was 18 from India so I have 2 years after I turned 16 in India. I was able to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate through Indian Consulate in Vancouver. Will that document suffice? P.S. - I hold Indian passport
  9. Hi I am uploading similar English/Punjabi bilingual birth certificate. Will let you know if I hear any objections. And vice-versa please let us know if you get any remarks from NVC. Thank you!
  10. I believe some embassies (Jamaica, Ukraine, UK etc.) are saying IR1/CR1 is included in mission critical and are scheduling interviews in limited capacities. I hope MTL is not far behind given the cases in Canada are no where near UK's. Fingers crossed!
  11. HI was your AP situation resolved?

  12. Hi did your AP issue got resolved?

    1. Pat1976


      Almost. I sent my passport back to finish processing than the border and consulate shut down. 

    2. acmanu


      Nice, I hope the issue resolves soon and you are able to travel!

  13. Hi did you get your AP issue resolved?

  14. Any updates on your AP?

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