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  1. Just a quick question to my fellow VJs, My NOA2 due time is May 27th, and seeing that most embassies won't be open anytime soon, I contacted the Algerian embassy (IV-DValgiers@state.gov) about an extension but the response was so ambiguous. Do any of you received the same, unconvincing response from the appropriate authorities?
  2. @Ryceryce You need to be patient, like really patient! For our case we are left in the dark since March 15th. I Tried to call and do everything possible but no help so far -- this is the effects of the Pandemic.
  3. It works just fine for me, it's a .GIF of the profile settings.
  4. I used the same website and mine says "It's Ready", I think everything is slow due to COVID-19; just wait a little bit and try contacting them again.
  5. All visa interviews are postponed until further notice from U.S. Embassy in Algeria.
  6. Just an update, the U.S. embassy in Algeria is postponing all visas until later notified only for extreme cases (health related), knowing that there's less than 80 COVID-19 cases. I think similar decisions will take place in other countries.
  7. Just a quick question, I checked on CEAC today and our case is "READY" since 03/12/2020, but we got no notification at all, am I missing something here or it this normal?
  8. Hello fellow VJs, We (my fiancée and I) got our NOA2 on January 28th, and now we're waiting for NVC step to get our case number -- for those who want to know, I'm from Algeria. Even though I was searching everywhere for next step's information, your .PDF file is a great help! Thank you so much for your professionalism @Greenbaum, you are a gem!
  9. Hi, just a question where did you get this military certificate? I have the military card, can I go with just that?
  10. This new form is creating a lot of confusion for now, I'll try to contact the embassy here later today and share what they reply with. 🙄
  11. Does anyone know the W-2 forms work when taken to the interview. My fiancée recently got theirs, however they've only been in this job for a few months so the total wages doesn't amount to meet the 125% criteria. Is anything else taken into account so there isn't a denial when it comes to the financial support. Do they take into consideration about the other earnings to come in the upcoming months? Or they will only accept the wages given from the recent W-2? Also, what are the documents to gather for the the Affidavit of support?
  12. That's great! She stayed with her family here, but I have pictures with them, and with my family when she came to my house. So I guess I have nothing to fear anymore! Insha'Allah everything will go smoothly! I can't thank you more really! You've been a great help!
  13. Thank you very much! One last question, this is how I arranged the receipts (this is just a preview) do you think it's acceptable? 01_Receipts.pdf
  14. I attached a picture of our binder like Paper Pouches. If it's acceptable (since there's no metal of some sort) For passport pages and stamps, my fiancée used her Algerian passport to enter to Algeria, since she has dual citizenship. Is it okay to use those stamps on the Algerian passport as evidence?
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