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  1. That's great! She stayed with her family here, but I have pictures with them, and with my family when she came to my house. So I guess I have nothing to fear anymore! Insha'Allah everything will go smoothly! I can't thank you more really! You've been a great help!
  2. Thank you very much! One last question, this is how I arranged the receipts (this is just a preview) do you think it's acceptable? 01_Receipts.pdf
  3. I attached a picture of our binder like Paper Pouches. If it's acceptable (since there's no metal of some sort) For passport pages and stamps, my fiancée used her Algerian passport to enter to Algeria, since she has dual citizenship. Is it okay to use those stamps on the Algerian passport as evidence?
  4. Yes! That's music to my ears! So just scan them, and put them in binder! Thank you
  5. I understand, So it's better to not add them, just Boarding passes and anything that has the name on it. Thank you very much!
  6. No, in my country we don't print names on receipt (I know it's weird)
  7. Hello again my dear community! As my Fiancée and I always say we gotta start tomorrow the process, we keep remembering important details. (Petition Phase) - For receipts for transportation and gifts bought in/used my country (Algeria), most of them are in French, Arabic or both French and Arabic, and when I went to translators they said (All of them) by Algerian LAW we can't translate receipts!?? - For these receipts should they be signed? Is it us (the concerned) or the stores and so on? - For Pictures (for evidence), we made a collage with Photoshop and we're printing them on regular A4 (Printer) Paper, is that doable? or should we print them at a photo booth? Thank you very much! And sorry for asking too much, it's such a stressing process.
  8. Congratulations!!!👍🏻 That was very pleasing to read! I just wanted to ask some questions regarding the evidence if it's possible. Since I'm applying from Algiers/Algeria, and we did an engagement party here, and my fiancée is somewhat related to my family. - I wonder if we need to translate Gifts/Travel receipts from Arabic/French to English? Do the original receipts needs to be signed by the Bus/Train Station? - Do you think sending no more than 10 pictures together will be an issue (Since she couldn't stay for a long time because of their work -All the family was here)? Thank you in Advance!
  9. Thank you all for your time and consideration! It is very informative and helping. *About the OP I didn't state for which process because I was confused for both the interview and I-129F package, now it's all clear.
  10. I know there's none about the Marriage Certificate, only if I was married before I need to join a paper of marriage termination and so forth. I just want to leave no room for error, because my country Algeria have a high denial rate for no apparent reason.
  11. Hello my dear community, My fiancée and I finished assembling all the papers, but just one is missing; Marriage Certificate. Considering that none of us ever married before, should I join A Certificate of Never Being Married (Since my country has it)?
  12. Hello, My Fiancée and I are going through the same process next month, and since she is my Sponsor and I did all the papers organization, I think we're missing something. - For I-129F: Part 2, Item 54, we didn't use the Last page (Additional Information, Page 13) to describe How we Met, But I typed one on Word with Re: Declaration of how we met, and each one signed and dated. Is this okay?
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