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  1. I just wanted to provide an update for any future people who come into this thread. My husband received approval after his interview. The military service was not brought up at all.
  2. Kit al kitab means you are halal to each other and married 😕 I dont know how they do it in Amman but usually the imam will submit the documents later if it isnt submitted by the couple. even then, if you get to the interview and they find out you did the kit al kitab its all over.
  3. I think its always worth a try. My husband and I had an active I-129F from when we were engaged that they never closed. They got to that one, and saw our I-130 and approved it (took us a about 3.5 months to receive approval from original submission of I-130 and now we are waiting for an interview date). It would be different for you guys because you'd have to file a K3 instead of the K1 that we filed a year before we got married. But I still think it is worth a try. They did send us a letter in the mail saying that they declined our K1 but approved our I-130 instead. So I do know for a fact that our previous I-129F expedited our case for sure. We were also at Vermont which is known to be one of the slowest. Also about the receipt you can't trust it. Or receipt said Potomac and when I did Emma we found out it was Vermont. I asked them if it was transferred and they said it was never. Apparently the receipt is just sent out randomly and the service center is not always correct. To confirm I had to use a live agent but it was really quick with Emma. I found out in like 5 minutes.
  4. thank you! I will give it some time then. The documents were there I-864 form and the us citizenship.
  5. Yes fee is paid and the DS-260 is completed. And I was trying to submit under the financial aid section under the sponsor name. but it would not let me oh okay thank you, how long does that usually take and what is that process? do the call the joint sponsor?
  6. So I consider myself very very lucky. I switched from K-1 to Cr-1 after waiting an entire 12 months. My CR-1 was approved four months after the switch and we are currently at NVC. We got really lucky in the sense that they never closed our K1 application and so when they naturally got to process our old K1 visa, they saw that we had an active Cr-1 visa. They denied the K1 and approved the CR-1 same day (they sent a letter saying that was the reason for the denial, and that the approved the CR-1 instead....so I know that the old active K1 visa played a huge part in how things got approved so fast for our CR-1). My husband and I both took the risk willing to wait another two years to hear back for the CR-1 just because of how much benefits it provide (we only did K-1 at first because of border closures). So we were pleasantly surprised when we heard back a lot sooner.
  7. So, my husband and I completed the DS-160 for out I-130 application today. I wanted to submit the financial documents however the portal is physically not letting me. Every time I click on start now it redirects me to the page to upload my husband civil documents.I try to go to the financial document tab on that page but it wont allow me to enter it as well. I also uploaded a joint sponsor which says "N/A" for the "affidavit of support documents and financial evidence" portion. Is everything paused because I added a joint sponsor and its pending approval? Has anyone experienced something similar.
  8. My second question is should I include financial aid I receive. I read back on previous forums and I've seen mixed responses. Some have said to include it and other said not to. I know some people said that financial aid only counts as school income. But it actually includes cost of living and stuff. So I receive a refund from my school for my cost of living expenses that are not strictly educated related
  9. So I am using a joint sponsor for my husband I-130 application because I am a student and don't know if my means of income will be considered. My question is, because I know I am using a joint sponsor....for my I-864 form do I fill out part 7 -"use of asset to supplement income"? It says that its optional but it also implies its only optional if you exceed the income requirement. My joint sponsor income exceeds the requirement and so that part was skipped on his form. Do I still need to fill out it on my form even though I expect they will solely use the joint sponsor for income requirement.
  10. He called the US embassy in Algers and the person he talked to didn't even know what documents were needed for an interview. In algeria a lot of people dodge the service, punishment is honestly by luck. You can go your whole male adult life and not be called for service. You can be called for service but not be enforced to go. Or you can be called for service and they will literally have military personnel sent to your home to drag you out. So the formal punishment is "have you serve a year of military time" but that isn't enforced well and is enforced randomly that a lot of people age out. Ive been trying to read around but its really hard to find information. I found some people who said they were asked about it in their interview and was told to show an exemption. I had other asked that they weren't asked at all. My husband asked a someone the other day and the guy said they only ask for the diversity visa and K1 visa. but all this information just seems very inconsistent
  11. I understand that already. That isn't the question I am asking. I am asking if he needs to go to the army and serve military time before his interview. Obviously he does not have a military card because he did not serve in the military yet. But I am asking if that one of the requirements to receive his green card because Algeria mandates that male should serve military time. Or can he do his interview without the military service and be okay. Thank you for the answer, but honestly the only people who can answer this question are Algerians who understand the military laws of Algeria and went through the interview process.
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