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  1. So I came here on a K-1 visa, got married a couple weeks ago and are nearly ready to send my Green Card packet out. I read that I can waiver the fee for the EAD if I file it with my Greencard. How do I go about doing that? Thank you!
  2. What's the likelihood for JetBlue to cancel flights early-mid next month? Booked a flight with my K-1 visa in hand and am worried my flight will get cancelled due to the Vid....
  3. Anyone here had a Antigen Lateral Flow Fit to Fly test at Heathrow Airport to fly to the US within the last few weeks that could share your experience with me please? x How quick was it (Website says 40 minutes but I have doubts)? Thank you x
  4. I have my Visa in hand and are flying out next month. Any London filers travelled to JFK within the past few weeks willing to tell me their experience? thank you x
  5. I'm gonna give it till Monday and contact my GP to ask about any updates and if not I will contact the manager. No wonder my GP surgery has less than 2stars on Google reviews, haha
  6. So I had my Visa Interview on Monday and it went well. They said they were still waiting on my medical and thought that was a little odd, but okay I'll wait a couple days to see if they change it. I had to pay a fee to my GP on Friday to send some updated vaccination records to Visa Medicals and I called up my GP just now to ask about the status about that, they said it could take 28 days for my GP to sign it and send it off to them!? I'm baffled and stuck on what to do.
  7. Yesterday I went to my docs to sign a consent form for them to fax over my new records and pay for the fee of said process. Here's hoping
  8. How strict are they at enforcing the medical paperwork to be at the embassy for? I have my medical on the 4th but I needed to take my second Pfizer shot yesterday so they didn't have my full vaccination record on hand. I had to hand in some paperwork from the Medical to my GP today (Because I took tetanus and flu shot at the medical) to fax over to the Visa Medicals office along with info about my non-suicidal or violent depression episode I had a couple years back and my actual visa interview is Monday next week. Heard that they're not denying people for not having their medical record at the embassy yet and just put them on a temporary waiting status but want to make 100% sure.
  9. Try 5-10 minutes right after midnight. I got mine around that time. Also 6am, 9am are good times too
  10. Anyone recommend the cheapest and closest car park near to the embassy? I see Waitrose's car park is the closest but I can't find anywhere that says the price of parking there...
  11. Thank you so much! That's put my mind at ease that I won't be turned away for them not having my medical paperwork at time of interveiw.
  12. So I am still able to attend my interview on the 22nd with no problems except them waiting on my medical to come after? x
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