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  1. UPDATE 3/19 -Email notification for Green Card Interview (we filed 2/11/2020) 3/19 - no notification but per USCIS website EAD combo card RENEWAL was mailed (we filed 1/22/2021)
  2. *UPDATE* : JUST got an email notification for the INTWRVIEW! Its has been scheduled idk what date. I'm freaking out because I have not gathered any documents together and don't know how best to prepare. We have not receieved the letter yet. Please feel free to respond with advice. ❤🙏🏿 Idk if its accurate but I can send you what I did in a message.
  3. We just now got a text message confirmation and receipt number 2 hours ago regarding this EAD RENEWAL. Thank God, finally! They must be real backed up considering that our paperwork reached them by Jan 22nd and they're just now processing it (6 weeks later). Has anyone received their new card? Just trying to gage how long it will take to get the new card (I didn't see an estimated processing time for EAD renewals on the USCIS website). Ours expires in July.
  4. Hey all! I just sent out my WORK AUTHORIZATION EAD RENEWAL FORM. It was delivered to USCIS on Friday 1/22/21 at this address with UPS. USCIS Attn: FBAS 131 South Dearborn-3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517 We ALSO filled out a G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance Form but still no word yet. I know it's only been 3 business days but when we sent in our AOS last year it only took them 3 days to notify us that they got it. Just wondering if anyone else experienced similar circumstances.
  5. Some applicants sent in pay-stubs and a letter of employment for expedited approval. This is my first time filing for a renewal I'm not well-versed in this which is why I asked for clarification. Thanks however.
  6. Thanks this was incredibly helpful I think I want to print this page off and send it with my packet! I'm having trouble understanding "payment of the appropriate form fee" is that the prior credit card auth form that they're wanting?
  7. @beefmaster2 @chxakx @Ryan G: It sucks to wait especially when filers in June are getting interviews but yes it does come down to the field office. My husband and I would've preferred to have at least been scheduled for an interview by now considering we are February filers and its nearly 11 months. Our status has said "Waiting to be scheduled for interview since April 16th. But the way I see it is, the longer they take we will still benefit. Most couples married over 2 years may either have their interview waived or still have to attend the interview but end up receiving a 10 year Green-Card and they don't have to do that additional filing to lift restrictions another 2 years later after the green card expires. If we get that pesky interview waived or if we can 10 year green card, due to having to wait past Feb 2022 or even April 2022 then I'm ok with it. I understand this doesn't work for everyone's circumstance though. @EVERYONE ELSE: What supporting documentation did you provide for the I-765 Renewal? Do you think pay-stubs from the applicant's job will help as well as a copy of the offer letter is necessary?
  8. @morry & ren @Bluewaters @lcandcl Thank you all so much for sharing a detailed account of the interview I have screnshotted it remember whenever that faithful day comes for my husband and I. @igoyougoduke I am planning on filing for the renewal on Jan 4th vis UPS or FedEx. Our expiration date is July 2nd. @Gigi2017 I am in Somerton/ San Luis, AZ area. We have a different field office though. My field office would be Imperial, CA instead of Phoenix, AZ. Historically I believe Phoenix was processing them quickly at first, not sure about now. As for my husband and I, we filed Feb 11th 2020. Since April 16th we have had the "waiting to be scheduled for interview status" and still have not been scheduled. I think many more February filers are still waiting.
  9. Anybody else waiting to be scheduled for an interview? Anybody in particular waiting from a California Field Office??? Mines would be Imperial, CA (I assume since it's the nearest one to me, 55 minute drive away from my home).
  10. I'm so pressed and can't wait! Congrats to you thanks for sharing your timeline!
  11. Congrats! I'm very happy to see stories like this in the thread! We have been on the "Waiting to be scheduled" status since April. I'm thinking we might have to file to extend his EAD if nothing changes by January. Anyways best of luck to you, at least this gives me hope, though our field offices are different.
  12. Sounds this sounds untrue but then again every state has a different set of guidelines. In the state of Arizona where I live on their DMV website it allows immigrants with a visa to apply for a driver's license even without an EAD. They would use the expiration date on the visa or the EAD as the expedition date for the license.
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