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  1. Thanks for sharing the timeline! It really helps to get a sense where things are moving. BTW, I don't see you mentioning any text notification? I suppose you didn't fill G-1145?
  2. Still no word after USCIS received my package on Jan 29. Anyone with any updates?
  3. Anyone else got the text notification or payment accept or received the actual NOA?
  4. Why did you have to refile? I wonder how soon they get back to you in case anyone needs to refile since the G1145 notification could take a while and the NOA would take even longer? Correct me if I am wrong but I read somewhere that December AOS filers are not hearing anything back yet.
  5. Submitted my AOS packet. Anyone here just filed this month?
  6. And the USCIS instructions definition as follows. I do not have any children nor other children I provide financial support. My husband is providing child support for his daughter from his previous marriage. This I-944 is about me, not my husband. I noticed the household size discrepancy when filling up the forms (I-944 immigrant declaration of self sufficiency & I-864 sponsor affidavit of support). Not sure if the discrepancy is correct or wrong?
  7. My husband has a daughter from a previous marriage who don't live with us. Not sure to enter his daughter for I-944 (declaration of self-sufficiency)? Technically speaking she is not in my household.
  8. Does anyone know how long it takes for CEAC status to update from Ready to Issued, particularly during covid times?
  9. It is AZ. Tried calling but no answer. Just wondering if anyone here is in AZ and experience before calling tomorrow.
  10. Just wondering if anyone could answer this question upon arriving into the US: - How did you get your driver's license? Could you convert your home country driving license without taking any tests? - I have valid, driving licenses. Just wondering if I would need to do a test before getting one or a conversion is sufficient for DMV?
  11. Congrats! This is wonderful news!!! They just emailed you randomly out of the blue huh? Do you know of any other Chilean K1 filers? Did they get the same like you? When was your case ready at embassy? Congrats again!!
  12. Anyone has gotten a Arizona driver's license without a SSN? Especially those who are K-1 filers.
  13. Haha, how about this, it's neither one? LOL It is a non-immigrant visa with immigrant intent, processed like one too. Hybrid. Special. Different. Best of the both worlds and therefore, our visa class has never been more ambiguous especially during this period.
  14. What happens to P'pines embassy may not happen to others. It varies from embassy to embassy depending on LOCAL conditions. The best thing is to check with your own embassy to get accurate information.
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