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  1. Ah! I interpreted it as need anyone of those single documents. I submitted copies of my previous EADs, passport and US visas.
  2. USCIS sent me a notification email about RFE for I-485. Hoping all they need is my birth certificate. Does anyone know if the birth certificate is required for I-765 too or is it required for just I-485? I'm hoping to expedite my EAD as soon as I get a job offer.
  3. They are doing it to delay everyone. They don't really want any type of immigrants here.
  4. If an EAD expedite request is rejected, is there a minimum wait time before making another EAD expedite request if circumstance change?
  5. Did you expedite your EAD or was it approved during regular processing?
  6. Can they get a student loan? I took my student loan letter from India to the interview though they never asked me about finances in the interview.
  7. I'm currently on cap-exempt H1B, and I applied for EAD+AP, AOS based on marriage to my US citizen wife. Does USCIS even consider EAD expedition since I already have a work status? I have had unexpected expenses recently, and interviewing for jobs that pay significantly higher salary.
  8. It seems like it's just the USCIS not being responsive enough. The increase in current wait times we have is because of Trump administration's policies. They have been imposing a virtual wall in an effort to stop all kinds of immigration. It makes sense when you think about it, as immigrants generally vote for democrats. In 2016, Trump lost 16 of the 20 states where foreign-born residents constituted the largest share of the population and won 26 of the 30 states where they represent the smallest shares.
  9. Congrats! Did you use a job offer letter for expedition?
  10. It seems USCIS adjudicators take about 10 minutes to process an EAD/AP application. My guess is they are not simply hiring enough adjudicators to process the applications, so the backlog keeps on increasing.
  11. We did for our marriage certificate. Hopefully won't get a RFE.
  12. Thanks! Didn't know a second website existed! https://my.uscis.gov/account/applicant shows 'Fingerprint Review Was Completed' on July 2nd and 4th, not sure why it's listed twice. But https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus just shows it as "Fingerprint Fee Was Received"
  13. Did you do a walk-in or go on your assigned day? I did a walk-in last Tuesday and still waiting for the status to get updated.
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