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  1. My USC wife was fired from her job yesterday... 2 days after our GC interview. She''s in shock and this will definitely impact our lives heavily . On a positive note, at least she wasn't fired before our GC interview.
  2. Hi, I've been just approved for a green card! But both my USC wife and I are planning to go back to school in the next year. It's highly likely that we both will be in school and won't have employment during the 90 day period to apply for removal of conditions. Will this cause a problem? Or should at least one of us keep an employment?
  3. Our Green card was approved today! We went their 30 mins ahead and the whole process was a breeze. The status on USCIS website was updated at the end of the day. The IO was really nice. The whole interview process with the IO took about 25 mins. Started us off with an Oath. Asked me questions from my application like current employers, length of stay at the current address, etc. Asked me all the standard yes/no questions that are on the I-485 form Asked my USC wife about our story. Asked about our families and if we met each other's families Asked us about our health insurance and car insurance. They are separate. Looked at our originals for birth certificates and marriage licenses. Asked and took some additional documents from us for joint accounts and photos. Submitted a home lease agreement and joint credit card transactions that have both our names on it. Submitted a copy with both of our licenses copied onto the same page. Submitted individual bank mail with the same address on it. Told us we should expect the card in 1-3 weeks!
  4. For the Greencard interview, does anyone know how many photos should I take? Should they be on a photographic paper or just color printouts?
  5. 5 days since I sent Fax with evidence for Expedite request for EAD but no change in the status. I'm getting worried if they actually received it or not
  6. Was you status updated after the fax was sent or was the next status update approval?
  7. Thanks! Do you know if I can send it on the weekends? And did you use any online fax services to send?
  8. Does anyone know the hours during which I can send a Fax for my EAD expedite evidence to USCIS?
  9. It took me 15 minutes to get the correct option to chat. Not even sure the order of options I selected.
  10. I chatted with an online Rep using Emma for my EAD expedite request , it seems they sent the request for additional information to a wrong email address. They also said only a tier two rep can resend it. I called a Tier 1 rep and waiting for a call back, the estimated time they gave was 600 mins!!
  11. I'd recommend to still apply to jobs as that will help you with interview preparation and possibly expedite EAD.
  12. I hope your insurance covers the costs! On the flip side, you could use the crash and bills as a reason for expedite if your EAD isn't approved yet.
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