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    Rosy90 reacted to david221g in K1 Refused - I'm in total shock! please help   
    In case someone will follow this thread in the future-
    I got finally approved after 8 months in Refused/AP
    (It changed from Refused to AP and then to ISSUED)
    Just be patient, even though it's hard.
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    Rosy90 got a reaction from TandClaudia in K-1 Visa 221g Colombia Bogota   
    Hola  @ Mexrik   como va tu caso? ¿Ya emitieron la visa de tu prometida?
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    Rosy90 reacted to Danny B in COLOMBIANOS Con Visa K-1 (Continuacion 8)   
    Hola chicos, recibí mi visa ayer 30 de mayo! Felicidad absoluta!
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    Rosy90 reacted to daniandsebas2792 in COLOMBIANOS Con Visa K-1 (Continuacion 8)   
    Hola Valmabe,
    te informo que hoy cambio a Issued asi que creo que la visa llega a medellin en unos dias.
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