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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the letter in the mail after it reaches the consulate in Juarez?
  2. @Greenbaum how long does the embassy normally take to send the letter? Will it come via email or regular Mexican postal service? Can we register on the https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/iv/signup/iv website or have to wait until we receive the letter? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thats awesome, mine is out for delivery today so th e Juarez embassy will have it by the end of the day. @TandClaudia my fiance called Juarez embassy and they confirmed that her passport does not need another prorroga to allow the approval and travel into the US. Even if it's less than six months before it expires. Which hers will be. So that's one great news for th at part of it. We are on our way
  4. Hi, im right there with you, shipped yestreday and wanted to know about scheduling the interviene date also before we get the P3. Let me know if you move forward. Best of luck. And BTW it did leave, 8 are on the way to Juarez.
  5. Hi Cesar, congrats on your approval,  are you saying we can apply right away after Juarez received our petition without having to wait for P3? Is there any specific info to the P3 and each case or is it a generic letter with instructions?  Thanks in advance 

    1. Cesar623


      Hi Horty, thank you. The p3 (packet 03) is in fact a basic welcome letter form El Consulado de Ciudad Juarez that informs you on "the following steps" That's it, in our case, we proceeded as I explained above, scheduled our biometrics, medical and enterview accordingly. My suggestion, if nvc already sent your file to Cd Juarez, fill out ds-160, then call Cd Juarez to arrange for visa payment. Best of luck to you.

    2. Horty


      Thanks again 

  6. Hey, so I just checked NVC and IT changed from in transit to ready. Then I went into the P3 that Greenbaum sent me and clicked on the link to see the interview process and came across this. Just wanted to share in case you may see the same thing too. We May be ok with the whole passport issues. Good luck in Panama.


  7. Thanks, do you know what website is the vis website for México?
  8. Just checked CEAC and says in transit. Super awesome. On the bottom of the " in transit" it says... your case is in transit to the consular section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center. .... does that mean interview date has also been assigned? @Greenbaum do you have P3 for Juarez Mexico?
  9. Hey,

    Did you guys get P3 info from NVC yet? I have not received anything from them yet. Hope you and I have our petitions mailed out tomorrow.

  10. Best of luck, we have the passport problem too. Come the 13th of July is when she can apply for another prorroga. So I guess on the 15th its Saime time. She says it's taking about 60 days for a prorroga so that might just be in time for the interview as Juarez is taking Also about 60 days out for interviews.
  11. Read the PDF on the first post from the first page
  12. I already have my case number from a few weeks ago. Should I be receiving an email From NVC asking for any fees or other docs? I was imagining that come Tuesday my petition would get mailed to Juarez?
  13. Hi, I see a lot of CR1 info but was wondering how long did you have to wait to get your K1 interview date after NVC sent your petition to Juarez embassy?
  14. I believe the July ship date is the 9th being the second Tuesday of the month.
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