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  1. I don't think it is about the attached photo, cos i uploaded mine with photo and it was accepted along with the affidavit for declaration of age except they have changed the format.
  2. since you have received the DQ Message and no options to upload another one, just get the Attestation of birth ready for your interview
  3. you are incorrect Sir/ma. it does not matter when they filed, what qualifies him for 10yrs card is if at the time he was admitted into the country the marriage is 2 years or more and if it was less than than 2yrs at the time he was admitted into the country he will only get 2yrs card. @Orafu LAWRENCE it was a mistake from USCIS
  4. Check the back of the one with the dhl address it should be there. stating how you can pay for immigrant fee
  5. the instructions on how to pay wil be included on one of the 3 white papers the CO gave you after your visa approval. check it well
  6. you will use you case number and invoice number to log on to your CEAC account all the info you need is well detailed there
  7. Yes that is all you need as far as birth certificate is concerned (Attestation).... you have nothing to worry about. Alot of us here has it too
  8. yes everything, and he should gather all is school certificates plus NYSC... all the best
  9. Yea CDC issued an order for all airline passengers traveling to USA including citizens, LPRs and all to do a COVID test before coming..... Journey mercy to him
  10. One is expected to pay for the Immigrant fee (Green Card Production)after you get your visa before you leave the country. Concerning the SSN, using myself as an example. I was told at the point of entry to wait 14working days before contacting the USCIS after contacting them 14days after they (USCIS) told me to wait till its 30days after arrival to book an appointment. Reached out as they have instructed and was booked, registered then got my SSN 6 working days after. Hope that helps
  11. Congratulations.... nop i did no,t cos i also flew with Delta. you should try them it will save you from unnecessary stress
  12. he has to go to NPC (National Population Commission) in any state to get his attention of birth or any local government to get it done
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