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  1. Appointment date on what? Please read through my thread carefully... thanks
  2. I had my IV interview yesterday 11th of May. It went well. The CO asked me of my original marriage certificate, and current tax return/transcript of my wife through 221(g) paper. For sometime now my wife is unemployed, she contacted her best friend who has a good job and make a very well amount about $55,000, in 2019, $73,000 in 2020, $125,000 in 2021 and by the end of 2022 she will be making $135,000 to be my joint sponsor and her friend agreed to fill out I-864 form. However, i went to the government authority (court house where our marriage took place) to obtain a Certify True Copy (CTC) of our original marriage certificate. Yesterday i gathered all the documents i.e CTC of my original marriage certificate, Joint sponsor I-864 form, all the joint sponsor documents includes her tax returns of past three years, her transcript, her pay stub of March and April, her US passport data page, her W2. I uploaded all her documents to CEAC NVC and mail to the embassy copies including the 221(g) paper through DHL. Hope i am good to go or is there anything we fail to include?
  3. The US citizen is a joint sponsor. I would like to know after filling out form I864, will his wife fill out form I864EZ if the husband ( the joint sponsor) uses their joint tax return to sponsor an immigrant visa applicant whose wife ( the petitioner) didn't make enough money.
  4. If a US citizen who's married, filed taxes jointly with his wife wants to stand as a joint sponsor to an immigrant visa applicant, after filling out I864 form, will his wife fill out I864EZ form? since his is using their joint tax return documents to sponsor an immigrant visa applicant.
  5. Can a friend who make $50,000 and above annually on his federal income taxe return with two dependants i.e his wife and step daughter stand a chance to sponsor an immigrant visa applicant? He want to stand as a joint sponsor to an immigrant visa applicant because the principal immigrant visa applicant wife didn't make enough to sponsor her husband..
  6. A friend of mine went for his IV interview and it went successful but the co gave him form 221(g) ticked IRS transcript colum and told him that he should get his wife IRS transcript of 2020 and drop it at DHL office with his traveling passport, unfortunately his wife income wasn't good enough, so please i want to know can he seek for a joint sponsor? And what is the time frame to submit this IRS transcript of 2020?
  7. A friend of mine ran to me for advice regarding to his IR-1 visa interview. He told me that he had no more means to contact his wife because she told him that she want to move on beacuse the long delay with the visa process. Now the emabssy had invited him for interview and needed him to bring his wife 2020 IRS transcript along with him to the interview but he has with him a duely signed public notary/affidavit of same 2020 tax returns which his wife used in completeing the filling of I-864 and this notary/affidavit will expire on 03.09.22. So he is confuse and worried. He want to know if he can still present the notary/affidavit of 2020 tax returns in place of his wife 2020 IRS transcript.. if yes, what will be his response or answer if the consulate officer ask why or what about the 2020 IRS transcript?
  8. I love my wife. Everything is alright with us now. Thanks @Thomas Reinhardt
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