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  1. We finally got my husbands EAD card today! On his birthday! (NZ time) 🥳 Biometrics - March 17 EAD approval - July 29 Card mailed - August 11 EAD card received - August 14
  2. My husband did his biometrics back in March - it was the same for him.. we ended up getting another letter in the mail saying they were going to just apply his biometrics to AP (which they did).
  3. Oh no! Yes, my husband did his biometrics on March 17th - right before the closure. It is strange seeing all the approvals rolling around & feeling left out.. Wishing you approval soon! 🤞
  4. Anyone here that had completed biometrics in March still waiting approval of their EAD?
  5. Husband had biometrics done on 3/17 - nothing yet. Hopefully next week 🤞🏻
  6. Yes, we included his job offer letter and another letter from his potential employer to explain why they needed him on the team. I think it’s just easier for them to deny at the moment.
  7. Husbands request to expedite his EAD due to job offer and my unemployment has been rejected twice now with no help from our congresswoman. 😪
  8. @Letspaintcookies - financial - I lost my job and my husband got a job offer! I think the first time we requested it, it was too close to his biometrics date and they rejected outright - didn't even send a letter, just email next day saying we didn't supply enough evidence of hardship and denied. He called and the tier 2 operator a week alter who said that there was in fact a mistake, that we should've had the opportunity to submit documents and that he would fix it and we would get a letter. Clearly he didn't do this, we called again about a week later and the lady was really rude and said they didn't need to have evidence and literally hung up on my husband. So, we wrote to the congresswoman and gave her the evidence/docs, but doubt any movement there.
  9. Thats awesome, congrats! I hope we hear something soon. My husband did his biometrics March 17th - literally the day before everything closed in CA. We tried to expedite his EAD & tried to contact our local congresswoman also, but no luck.. doubt we'll get any movement on it since most offices are closed and stressed about other matters, of course.
  10. I take that back, I jsut got the texts an hour ago! And looks like case was updated today - they took the fee, so I should see the check cashed soon.
  11. Hi everyone & Sarge My husband is adjusting from a K1, we sent our AOS packet (I-485, I-765, I-131) on Feb 18th and it arrived Feb 19th at 10AM 🙏🏻
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has received an appointment for an interview in Dec for a K-1 visa?
  13. Case status reads “ready” today -Dec 2 Just waiting for the email from Ackland with P3 - which we have completed everything for :X Will it be weird if we send it completed the very next day??
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