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  1. Yes but its not reflected on the timeslines when we view the list from others.
  2. I misunderstood the question 4a which asked about criminal arrests and entered no. I thought it was under applying if i answered yes to the above questions which didn’t apply to me. my misdemeanor charge resulted in a lower offense which is sealed/expunged violation which i paid $95 or so and it was not a misdemeanor. Is there anyway i can disclose this or is it too late ? i am very sad i made the mistake and it was from 20 years ago.
  3. Then at least have an rfe#1 when i click on timelines
  4. The timelines are not accurate due to missing RFE Dates. we should have fields: RFE1 Date: RFE2 Date: this would give us an idea if the delay in someones timeline is due to rfe.
  5. I would original letters of intent and also passport photos along with relationship letter thats signed. i had mine sent from tirana overnight express. I received the letter within 24 hours for under $50. DHL and UPS are in tirana, DHL is more expensive but better then UPS. Both reliable. i ship many things to albania including remote villages, albanian mail is actually reliable but sometimes slow. DHL is what the embassy uses and they normally ship stuff to a specified cafe in tirane where you can pickup the package. DHL will find you or work with you.
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